Vittoria Shipyard delivers the 700-passenger ‘Jumbo Jet’

In the next few days the ‘Jumbo Jet’, a fast 56-meter vessel designed by the Vittoria Shipyard in Adria to accommodate up to 700 passengers, will sail the waters of the Mediterranean. It was signed yesterday at the Navigazione Libera del Golfo srl headquarters between Massimo Duò, Vice President of the Vittoria Shipyard, Luigi Duò, board member of the BoD of the Vittoria Shipyard, Aniello Aponte, President of Navigazione Libera del Golfo, and Maurizio Aponte, General Manager of Navigazione Libera del Golfo, the agreement for the delivery of the HSC type unit, High Speed ​​Craft, commissioned by the Neapolitan shipowner to the Venetian shipyard specializing in the construction of military, paramilitary, work and commercial boats. “I thank the Aponte family for the trust they have placed in us – declares Massimo Duò, Vice President of Cantiere Navale Vittoria – and for allowing our company to make its debut in a sector, such as that of fast vessels for passenger transport, hitherto unexplored but highly In these days that are finally being characterized by the resumption of tourism in our country, together with the shipowner, we are able to ensure all tourists and passengers travel in conditions of maximum safety and comfort thanks to a capable unit. high performance and avant-garde for the quality of materials and technological equipment. A heartfelt thanks also goes to all the collaborators and workers involved in this important project, in particular to the engineer Mattia Polverari from Trieste, well-known designer and owner of the homonymous studio of design, for some time our collaborator, for some months also at work on the new lines of Vittoria Yacht s, for the commitment, professionalism and dedication lavished. Thanks to this order and the opportunity given to us, the company has shown that it knows how to pursue a path of expansion and diversification of its fleet “. “I am really very proud that the NLG-Navigazione Libera del Golfo has acquired the ‘Jumbo Jet’ – comments Aniello Aponte, president of the NLG – the largest single hull in Europe designed for passenger transport only. managers, technicians and all the staff of the Vittoria Shipyard for the commitment and willingness shown towards us. In such a difficult moment in history, NLG is confidently aiming for the future, recovery, expansion of the fleet and locations ships served. Thanks to the Jumbo Jet we will have the possibility to transport 700 passengers in great comfort at high speed and in absolute safety, thus confirming our policy aimed at guaranteeing levels of excellence to our passengers. The Jumbo Jet will be our new flagship, the spearhead of a fleet made up almost exclusively of fast, safe and highly technological jet ships. It is thanks to this fleet that NLG appears to be one of the largest companies in the Mediterranean active in national and international short-haul connections. The entry into service of this real jewel of naval technology, made in Italy, will only further increase the already considerable operational capabilities of NLG. “The vessel, a single-hull of the semi-planing type 56 meters long and approximately 9 meters wide, built entirely of aluminum and designed to accommodate up to 700 passengers, it is capable of exceeding 28 knots of maximum speed. The propulsion of the unit is ensured by three 4t diesel engines, MTU model, 16 cylinders, 4000 series for a total of 8000 Kilowatts. of power coupled to three latest generation S4 Kamewa waterjets.Technical features that combine the need to guarantee conditions of high comfort for guests during the journey and important performance in terms of speed.

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