Aruba, the Pec is ready to cross the European borders

Certified Electronic Mail is ready to cross European borders. The confirmation comes directly from Agid that on June 14th published the document “Rem services – Criteria for the adoption of Etsi standards – Policy IT 1.0” which contains the Technical Rules of the new qualified certified delivery service compliant with the eidas regulation and the Rem standard , the implementation guidelines, the definition of the Rem Interoperability Domain It (Italian trust domain policy subject to the governance of Agid). To underline this is Aruba. The document, therefore, comments the player, formalizes the criteria for the adoption of the first interoperable qualified eDelivery scheme with the aim of making Certified Electronic Mail (Pec) compliant with the eidas regulation and interoperable at European level, therefore able to meet the criteria defined by the Etsi-European Telecommunications Standards Institute, the international body that deals with establishing technical standards in the telecommunications sector “We are in the pipeline” explains Marco Mangiulli, CIO & Head of Software Development at Aruba. “The document published by Agid is a further very important step in the passage from the Pec to the certified certified delivery compliant with eidas and, therefore, interoperable at European level”. The Rem Remote Plugtests are currently underway, the interoperability tests on the Rem standard organized by Etsi. Promoted and organized under the pressure of Agid, AssoCertificatori (Association of Digital Signature Certifiers and Certified Electronic Mail Managers, of which Aruba is a part) and Uninfo, the tests are having a very important response, involving 40 subjects, 15 European countries , 4 countries from the rest of the world and 5 government institutions. Aruba explains that at the end of the interoperability tests, the publication of the final version of the Etsi standards will be awaited, which will finally allow for a secure dialogue between the Managers of qualified certified delivery services and consequently guarantee an equally secure telematic exchange between citizens. and companies from all Member States of the European Union. The entire project fits perfectly with the objectives promoted by the PNRR, which – Aruba recalls – in terms of “digitization, innovation, competitiveness and culture”, has placed particular emphasis on the issue of the implementation of digital infrastructures and on the question of data and interoperability. “With particular pride it can be said that, in this process of approving the new standard, the contribution of Italy and the experience acquired thanks to the success of Certified Electronic Mail, born in Italy 16 years ago, was essential. long-term success witnessed by the official numbers of Agid: the first two months of 2021 opened with record numbers for the Pec with almost 383 million messages exchanged and a total of over 12 million and 700 thousand mailboxes activated to date “notes Aruba. Finally, Mangiulli points out that “the Pec will soon become a qualified certified delivery system that can be used in Europe and this milestone will allow all users to use their Certified Email address in communications with the Public Administration or for those to users, entities and businesses. European countries, maintaining the legal value and safety that have always distinguished the Pec instrument “.

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