Layoffs, Pd amendment to Dl Sostegni Bis: stop until 30 September

Cig Covid until 30 September for companies in crisis and blocking of layoffs during the period of use of the Cig. This is what is foreseen by a key amendment of the Democratic Party to the Sostegni Bis dl to dissolve the impasse on the release of layoffs that would start from 30 June. According to Adnkronos, the amendment proposal filed with the Budget Committee provides for another 13 weeks of Cassa Covid from July 1st for companies that sign a specific agreement with trade unions and belong to sectors still in crisis, identified by ministerial decree (work-economic development). During this period, the companies concerned will not be able to make redundancies. Approximately 4 thousand amendments to the Sostegni Bis dl have been deposited in the Budget Committee in the Chamber. The deadline expired at 5.30pm today. In the next few days a first screening will arrive with the indication of the inadmissible modification proposals. On the Sostegni Bis further clarifications are needed on the audience and the average compensation of the refreshments. This is what the Chamber technicians reveal in the dossier on the decree. “The additional elements of evaluation necessary for the purpose of verifying the quantification (audience concerned and average amount of the contribution) should be acquired: this also in order to verify the adequacy of the resources provided to ensure the complete satisfaction of requests”, reads the document . Clarifications that “appear necessary also in consideration of the fact that the provision does not configure the burden as a spending limit nor is there a safeguard mechanism aimed at containing the overall expenditure within the indicated amount”, they add. compatibility with European legislation confirmed “, bearing in mind that a loan of a similar nature, or the bridging loan arranged by decree in 2017 and then extended and extended – is currently the subject of an investigation procedure for state aid. This is what the Chamber technicians note in the dossier on the Dl Sostegni Bis. “In this regard, it is noted that if the measure was not recognized as a loan but as a contribution, it would also have an effect on the net debt balance as it would not be classified as a financial transaction pursuant to Sec 2010 but rather as a capital transfer, with an impact therefore also on the accruals balance “.

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