Sustainable mobility, CEO Jojob: “Fondo Mims extraordinary opportunity”

The world of mobility applauds the initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility which allocated 50 million for the year 2021 in favor of sustainable mobility initiatives for employees of companies and public administrations. “We are facing a very important opportunity and we can only applaud the initiative put in place” comments Gerard Albertengo, CEO and founder of Jojob, the first service in Italy that – through certification of carpool journeys, company shuttles, on foot and by bike and smart working – gives companies a welfare system to meet the needs of commuters who travel home-to-work every day. According to what reported in the Official Gazette, the funds will be disbursed to companies, public administrations and schools that will identify a mobility manager and who will prepare a home-work travel plan for their staff through sustainable mobility initiatives, including carpooling, car-sharing, bike-pooling and bike-sharing. “For the first time we see a concrete commitment by the Ministry to help commuters and enhance carpooling and other forms of shared and sustainable mobility” and “like Jojob we are ready to do our part, also by supporting companies that intend to access resources made available “scans the CEO. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the manager recalls, Jojob has worked to raise public awareness and policy on the importance of carpooling as a means of preventing contagion. “Carpooling in safety – Albertengo underlines – is an extraordinary tool for companies: it is easily accomplished because it is based on existing infrastructures such as employees’ private cars and allows you to save money, reduce emissions and the risk of contagion compared to ‘use of public transport “. And in this pandemic phase, so that Carpooling is really safe, Jojob suggests a crew of up to two people, seated one in front and one behind and equipped with masks, with an invitation to travel with the windows down, to sanitize regularly. the passenger compartment and to use the alternating doors, for greater safety even when getting on and off. Furthermore, from the data of those who use carpooling it emerges that in 70% of cases the crews on Jojob are already stable: contact is therefore always limited to the same people, the same people with whom the office is perhaps later shared.

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