Philip Morris International, at the start of the 3rd round of financing of Pmi Impact

Philip Morris International opens to the submission of applications for the third round of funding of Pmi Impact, the global initiative in support of projects that aim to reduce or prevent illegal trade and to counter its negative consequences for individuals, their families and community. The third round of funding will support a wide range of projects to address international illicit trade – ranging from illicit tobacco products and other consumer goods to counterfeiting pharmaceutical and electronic products – across geographies. Applicants from public, private or non-profit organizations, including government organizations, international organizations, associations, academic institutions and private companies, are therefore encouraged to submit their project proposals. “Illicit trade knows no borders and they are necessary effective measures to combat this international threat which represents a top priority for SMEs as it undermines all our efforts to build a smoke-free future, a future that may one day be without cigarettes “, said Alvise Giustiniani, vice president of Illicit Trade Prevention. “The pandemic has also impacted supply chains, border controls and cross-border interactions and now, more than ever, we need programs like SME Impact that exchange expertise and bring together organizations, ideas and solutions to eradicate illegal trade. “Bringing innovation and technological progress to the fight against smuggling and counterfeit goods is essential, especially in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. For this, Pmi Impact will be open to projects aimed at limiting threats from counterfeit and poor quality vaccines, medicines, medical supplies and personal protective equipment. The round is open to organizations from around the world. However, all proposals must be related to the subject of the funding and focus on one of the following topics: Border Control, Development and Strengthening of Operational Capabilities, Restorative Justice and Victim Protection, Stakeholder Engagement, International Awareness and Cooperation, Covid- 19 and the threat of illicit trade. Interested parties can apply by one of the following dates: first submission deadline: September 15, 2021, second submission deadline: February 15, 2022, third submission deadline: August 15, 2022. Pmi Impact will make use of the knowledge and he experience of the members of the Expert Council, which includes some of the world’s leading specialists in the fields of law, human rights, anti-corruption and technology. This council of independent and external experts will play a central role in the evaluation and selection of project proposals for the award of grants by SMEs. “Pmi Impact offers organizations a platform to propose solutions to address the problematic reality of illegal trade. – to declare this is Navi Pillay, human rights advocate and member of the Pmi Impact Expert Council – We are looking forward to evaluating the questions in the third round of funding: the level of interest the initiative receives is truly remarkable. It is promising to see so many organizations working resolutely to combat illicit trade. “Illicit trade remains a persistent and complex global problem. Its various forms – from the illicit tobacco trade to drug, weapon and wildlife trafficking – are interconnected, with criminals exploiting large-scale smuggling routes and corrupt networks. Often run by organized crime groups, illicit trade deprives governments and taxpayers of necessary revenue, steals business from legitimate operators, deceives consumers with products of uncertain quality, and undermines the well-being and safety of society. During the first and second rounds of funding, Pmi Impact supported projects covering a range of activities with a lasting impact on illegal trade, promoting research programs to improve knowledge about illegal trade and educational initiatives to improve public awareness of the problem. , helping to finance the development of technological solutions to facilitate efforts against wrongdoing. Pmi had committed $ 100 million to finance the first three rounds. To date, Pmi Impact has allocated a total of $ 48 million to implement 60 projects in 30 countries as part of the first and second rounds of funding. Those interested in submitting a proposal for the third round of financing of Pmi Impact can contact the projects office of Pmi Impact at [email protected]. For more information on how to apply, visit

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