Survivors’ pension, who is entitled to and calculation of the amount

Survivors’ pension, who is entitled to? What is the amount? Who perceives it? The survivor’s pension is recognized by our legal system for certain family members of a deceased retired worker. The same, recalls, is provided by INPS, automatically, from the first day of the month following the one in which the death occurred. Beneficiaries can be the spouse and, under certain conditions, the children and grandchildren of the pensioner, as well as his / her parents, brothers and sisters. The amount of the survivor’s pension, in 2021 as in other years, is not fixed but is commensurate with the amount of the pension which the deceased enjoyed while still alive. Different percentages are provided for each of the categories of potential beneficiaries: for example, if there are no children, 60% is reserved for the spouse; in the presence of a spouse and a child, they will be entitled to a total of 80% of the deceased’s pension. The amount of the survivor’s pension is periodically adjusted on the basis of inflation trends. The last update took place in 2020, while in 2021 no adjustment was foreseen.The mechanism for the re-evaluation of the staggered treatment was also confirmed and in 2021, as in previous years, the adjustment is 100% only for pensions up to three times the minimum, while it decreases as the amount of the treatment rises.The survivor then undergoes reductions if the beneficiary has his own income, in addition to the survivors’ treatment and which exceeds the minimum INPS treatment by three times. Which, for 2021, in practical terms means that the reduction is triggered only if the income of the beneficiary of the benefit exceeds € 20,107.62. Above this threshold, a cut of 25%, 40% or of 50% depending on the actual amount of the income of the benefit holder.However, if the beneficiary has minor children, students or incapacitated children, the reduction does not apply, just as it does not apply for the treatments already provided on 1 September 1995.

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