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Presidential 2022: on LCI, Marine Le Pen denounces the “division” and the “outrageous remarks” of Eric Zemmour – LCI


Oct 24, 2021

POLITICS – Guest of the program “In all frankness” on LCI this Sunday, the candidate of the National Rally tackled the “old liberal measures” of the polemicist Eric Zemmour, who holds, according to her, “brutal and excessive remarks”.

Between them, the hatchet seems far from being buried. Guest of the Grand Jury on LCI this Sunday, the polemicist Éric Zemmour, still not officially a candidate in the presidential race, judged that “voting for Marine Le Pen was useless”. The candidate of the National Gathering replied to him in the program “In all frankness”, denouncing the words sometimes “outrageous” by Éric Zemmour, as well as his economic proposals.

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The 2022 presidential election

Eric Zemmour “only offers old ineffective liberal measures of the last thirty years”, tackled the former president of the RN on LCI. Marine Le Pen notes in particular a major divergence with the polemicist on pensions. “For me, retirement means 40 annuities, so you can leave at 60”, she repeated. Gold, “I heard him talk about different ages, that 67 years old wouldn’t bother him … It’s an unfair measure. We continue to divide, to create conflicts, to always hit the middle and popular classes?”

Zemmour-Le Pen, no union before the first round?

Verbal contests between the former presidential finalist and the polemicist have multiplied in recent weeks, while in the polls, Eric Zemmour is following Marine Le Pen. Voting intentions swept away by the candidate. “Only a part of the French are interested today in the presidential election”, she retorted. “The results are not correct. That there are French people overwhelmed by immigration, insecurity … Oh how much I understand them. And an outrageous, brutal, excessive statement may please for a while. But at some point people are going to wonder who can fix this problem. And I’m ready. “

Marine Le Pen notably denounced the remarks of Eric Zemmour on “first names” or “on Islam”, also believing that the polemicist brings no “capital gain”. “On all subjects, except the economy and the social, give me a measure that has not already been presented in the RN project”, she insisted. “There isn’t one.”

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“On the other hand, I see a loss”, continued the member. According to her, “85% of French people want the immigration problem to be solved”. Gold, “Today, Eric Zemmour recreates division where there was unanimity”, lamented Marine Le Pen. “It has been a month and a half since he ceases to reproach me rather than Emmanuel Macron. I do not understand why he is doing this. He has never called to vote for those who fight against immigration. “

The road to reconciliation between Zemmour and Le Pen still seems long. So much so that the candidate of the National Rally no longer seems to hope for it before the electoral deadline. According to her, the gathering will take place on “evening of the first round”. “In the second round, we rule out, and it will be necessary to dismiss the one who has a policy harmful to the country: Emmanuel Macron. This is where the gathering will take place.”

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