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The film Dune is a great work, but we have to wait years to unravel the story.

The dune of the writer Frank Herbert is a cult sci-fi of the last century, which is regularly placed in the rankings of the best sci-fi novels of all time and forms the basis of the universe, which is still developing today thanks to Herbert’s son Brian.

Unlike the comparatively famous novel, Isaac Asimov Foundation, Dune has been filmed twice in the past. David Lynch’s 1984 dune is highly controversial. Due to the interventions of the publisher, in one of its versions, he asked to remove his name from the headlines, and to this day he avoids this topic in interviews.

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In the year 2000, the three-part series Dune was released and for three years the sequel Children of the Dune. The series copied the storyline of the books much more faithfully than Lynch’s film, but due to the limited budget, it is rather more modest, albeit high-quality processing. In the end, the book had to wait to be filmed in the form of a narrative feature film.

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Timothée Chalamet is only 25 years old, but you can already see that he will be a world-class actor.

Source: Continental film

Work on the latest film began in 2008. After several changes of directors and the purchase of the project by Legendary Pictures, the film ended with Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049). Filming ended in 2019 and release was scheduled for 2020. However, like many other films (e.g. Venom 2), the Dune was also postponed several times due to the pandemic, and we have only finally seen it.

We are also talking about the premiere of the film Dune in the latest part of the SHARE_talks podcast:

Fight for Arrakis

The story takes place in 10 191. Humanity has long colonized various planets across the universe. The social establishment is reminiscent of the monarchies of medieval Europe. The main ruler has families under him, to whom he assigns control over the individual planets. One of these genera is the Atreus, based on the planet Caladan.

Duke Leto I Atreides (in the film Oscar Isaac) gets into the news the important planet Arrakis, which mines the rare spices necessary for navigation during interstellar flights. This dislike another clan that wants Arrakis for itself. This begins the power struggle, into which the young Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), the central character of the book, is thrown without warning.

Quality in all aspects

The processing of the film in all respects corresponds to the ambition to make a feature film comparable to sci-fi films, such as Interstellar, or book adaptations, such as The Lord of the Rings. Villeneuve is once again working with long shots underlined by the distinctive soundtrack of Hans Zimmer, also a fan of the book. Zimmer took his role so seriously that he rejected Christopher Nolan’s offer to soundtrack for Tenet because of Dune (Nolan therefore addressed Ludwig Göransson and the result was very successful).

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Zendaya was one of the great attractions of the film. However, he will get more space in the second part.

Source: Continental film

Hans Zimmer holds a very high standard across most of his projects, but Duna is still one of the better he has created. Places recalls Wonder Woman 1984, where Zimmer also excelled.

Villeneuve’s passion for long, atmospheric camera shots stands out best in collaboration with a quality cameraman. Greig Fraser is not one of the most famous, but he has done some interesting works, especially Rouge One (2016) and The Mandalorian from the University of Star Wars. Duna will certainly belong to his reference works in the future and we are already looking forward to new Batman with Robert Pattinson, which he also filmed.

Great direction, camera and music are complemented by a perfect cast. With his presence, Oscar Isaac already elevates the quality of whatever he appears, even though it was not particularly significant in Dune. The rocket-rising star Zendaya, on the other hand, was in the trailers for half of the shots, but since the film covers only the first half of the book, it really only has a minimum of space in the film and will only be fully reflected in the sequel.

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Yes, this handsome beardless guy is really Jason Momoa.

Source: Continental film

He looks very pleasantly at Jason Momoau (this time without a characteristic chin) in the role of military commander Duncan and Paul’s close friend. However, the film stands and falls the most on the performance of Timothée Chalamet, who plays Paul. Only 25-year-old Chalamet proved to be a brilliant choice. The not very well-known actor overshadowed all the above-mentioned resonant names with his performance, and we can be sure that after performing in Dune, film studios will fight for him.

The rest of the story is missing

In a sense, the weakest link in the film is the script. The creators try to capture the atmosphere of the book as best they can, but since they divided the film into two parts, the first one as a separate work does not stand very well. It’s a strange feeling to go to the cinema for a feature film and leave with the fact that you’ve only seen half of it.

At the same time, as the first part of the book devotes a lot of space to explaining the functioning of the Dune world, dialogues, long descriptions and the entanglement of a story are waiting for you, which we will have to wait for several years to unravel. Moreover, although due to the positive reactions of critics and fans, the continuation is almost certain, it has not been officially confirmed yet.

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Oscar Isaac is great in every movie. Although his character is now cold and his emotions are minimal, he has gained what he could.

Source: Continental film

You will enjoy it

Duna is the kind of sci-fi that little is done today. In the special part of the SHARE_talks podcast at the Comics Salon, we are, among other things selected the TOP 3 best sci-fi movies of the last decade. We put Interstellar in the first place, because it combines everything that makes up quality sci-fi: a good story that is logical and consistent, great actors, music, effects and a camera.

The dune has stepped on to be the Interstellar of this decade. We write trampled, because the first part can’t do it yet. The story remained open and much of what we need to appreciate the true quality of the film will only be seen when the plot is unraveled and culminated.

When we think about whether it would not be better for the best experience to watch both films, only when the other one comes out, so that the viewer gets a comprehensive experience. However, if this review has aroused your interest, we can hardly convince you to wait another few years. So take a good look at the first picture, but be prepared for long explanatory scenes, after which the expected outcome will not come yet. If that doesn’t bother you, you’ll enjoy the movie now.

Now in cinemas:

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