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Trial of the November 13 attacks: “In fact, he was already dead but the information had not been transmitted” – LCI


Oct 23, 2021

JUSTICE – Hearings of relatives of those who died at the Bataclan are continuing before the special assize court in Paris. Among them this Friday, that of Chloe, who lost her lover Mayeul in the attacks.

“My name is Chloé. I am a magistrate. I met Mayeul in 2013 through mutual friends, I was 23 and he was 27, he was a lawyer”, declares in the preamble the young woman at the bar, dark auburn hair, dressed in a pretty patterned blouse.

“Mayeul was handsome, funny, kind and passionate. We moved into an apartment near Porte d’Orléans. In November 2015 we celebrated his 30th birthday, we had adopted a slightly crazy cat at the SPA. We had seen the last James bond that we had found null “, she continues, eliciting smiles in the room.

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The extraordinary trial of the November 13 attacks

On November 13, 2015, he was, like 1,500 other people, at the Bataclan. Mayeul was going to the Eagles of Death Metal concert. “He was usually looking for someone to accompany him. This time he had not succeeded” said Chloe who had work that evening and therefore could not accompany her.

“I thought it was a joke, but with the screams behind”…

But while studying her files in her office, Chloe receives a call from Mayeul at 9:47 p.m., when the attack began in the concert hall. “At the other end of the line there were explosions, screams. I thought it was a joke but with the screams behind, I finally understood”, she explains.

“Mayeul told me that he was hurt, that he was going to die, that he loved me. The last thing I said to him and I still blame myself, is: ‘Pretend you’re dead’“, she recalls in tears.

Then Chloe hears a loud noise and “like something falling”. Mayeul has probably just let go of his phone. She stays on the line, does not hang up, but Mayeul does not speak any more. “I kept the phone call for 5 hours”, informs Chloe.

With the other hand, she takes her landline, calls the police station to report the attack, to say that her companion is injured in the Bataclan. We tell her that we know, but Chloe doesn’t understand because at that time, on TV, we only talk about the terraces.

Like a knife in the heart

Chloe leaves her office and goes to her father’s, desperately looking for Mayeul. Then the conversation with Mayeul’s cell phone cuts off. No more contact with the device. No more contact with Mayeul.

Like all the relatives of the victims, Chloé and Mayeul’s family called Paris hospitals, the dedicated number, made calls on social networks but nothing. On Saturdays, the barely 30 years old is not on the list of the dead.

“We saw the chaos in hospitals. I was even told, word for word:”‘Mayeul awaits you at the Bégin military hospital in Saint-Mandé’. In fact, he was already dead. The information had not been transmitted “, she informs.

Then Chloe arrives at the hospital. “I am informed that Mayeul is deceased”. The injuries were too severe, there was nothing they could do to save him. Chloe then has the impression of taking “a knife in the heart”.

A bloodstained photo booth

Chloe then had to go identify Mayeul at the forensic institute, and collect her things. In her wallet, she found a photo booth of the two of them, in black and white, on which Mayeul kisses her on the cheek. The photo is projected on the big screen in the courtroom, it is stained with blood.

Then come the feeling of guilt, nightmares, trauma followed by sessions of EMDR (a therapy consisting of healing trauma and painful events by eye movements) or unsuccessful consultations with the shrink. “Today I blame myself for not having accompanied him” to the concert. I blame myself for rebuilding a life where others think everything is fine. “

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Since the attack, Chloé has been a receptionist, then went to the National School of Magistrates. “I couldn’t follow the shooting training or the autopsies because I couldn’t “. Professionally Chloe has undoubtedly succeeded “Despite everything, I often feel out of step. When I imagine Mayeul all alone, at the Bataclan, bleeding out, I want to die”, whispers the young woman.

From the courtroom she throws “a bottle in the sea”. Because since the start of the trial, each time she hears or reads testimonies where it is a question of people whose physical and ballistic description could correspond to that of Mayeul, she thinks it is him. “If anyone saw or spoke to Mayeul that evening, in the area near the bar at the Bataclan, I would be very happy to hear it”, she concludes.

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