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Validation of the new calculation of unemployment benefit by the Council of State: “The objective is financial”, denounces – Franceinfo


Oct 23, 2021

François Hommeril, president of the CFE-CGC, “very much regrets” the validation by the Council of State on Friday of the new calculation of unemployment benefit.

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“I regret this decision very much”, reacted on Franceinfo Friday, October 22 François Hommeril, president of the CFE-CGC, a union of executives, after the Council of State validated the new calculation of unemployment benefit. He was seized in summary proceedings by unions – including the CFE-CGC – to suspend the application of the reform, which entered into force on October 1. “The objective [de cette réforme] is financial “, he denounced.

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According to him, “the Council of State remained in its line. It listened to the arguments of the government which one contested.” Contrary to what it had estimated in a first decision in June, the administrative judicial body considers that “the general tendency of the labor market is no longer an obstacle to the implementation of the reform”.

franceinfo: How do you react to this decision of the Council of State?

François Hommeril: I very much regret this decision. I see little logic in this because, in a way, the Council of State has remained in line. He listened to the government’s arguments, which were challenged. The problem with this reform is that it is poorly done.

Is it a problem to link the analysis of a reform to the economic situation of the country?

Yes, that’s kind of the problem. I have contested from the start the principle according to which the more an unemployed person is compensated, the less motivated he would be to find work. It’s wrong. It’s a kind of fake-news that runs through the history of unemployment insurance. A person deprived of a job is necessarily motivated to find work. We do not generalize from exceptions.

What is the government’s objective, according to you?

The objective is of course financial. I do not want to believe that the government is sincere when it says that by making the unemployed more precarious, we push them a little more towards returning to work. It’s about the same level as demonstrating that the earth is flat. The government considers that the only way to manage this difficulty in matching supply with demand is to hit the unemployed on the head.

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