• Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Poland, Merkel: “EU treaties were known, they ratified them”


Oct 22, 2021

“Everyone knows what the European Union is worth. Perhaps sometimes one gets the impression that those who joined the EU later must accept what they have found: they cannot question it, they accepted, the treaties were known , all have ratified the Treaty of Lisbon “. So Angela Merkel returned to the Poland case today, after the recent ruling of the constitutional court in Warsaw. The chancellor answers journalists’ questions at the end of the EU Council, the last to be the head of the Berlin government for the chancellor, on the case opened by the sentence that expresses incompatibility between the Polish constitution and parts of EU law. . “Despite this, it must be possible to discuss it”, he added, explaining that “the Polish premier made it clear yesterday that he is committed to the context of the EU treaties”. “We had a decision of the constitutional court on the Treaty of Lisbon, on what are the competences of the nation state that cannot be transferred to the EU, that’s not just a Polish problem, these issues are not only discussed in Poland”, he continued. The talks and meetings, however, “meanwhile allow us to challenge any conspiracy theory, because we do not want to do something against a member state”. “The premier had the opportunity to explain once again what are the challenges and difficulties he sees in the restructuring of a legal system that comes from the communist Soviet era, so these talks allow the other 26 other member states to better understand the his positions and the situation “. For Merkel” there was the will to seek political dialogue “and” I understand very well looking at Polish history that the question about national identity in a moment of freedom and peace, this question plays an important role and perhaps it is also different for the countries that did not have direct access to democracy after the Second World Cup “.

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