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OM-PSG: removable nets at the Vélodrome during corners for Parisians – RMC Sport


Oct 22, 2021

According to our information, OM has set up removable nets at the Vélodrome stadium to protect PSG players from possible throwing projectiles from the stands on hot situations such as corners, Sunday evening during the shock of the 11th day of Ligue 1 Marseille-Paris Saint-Germain.

Olympique de Marseille is mobilizing to avoid the slightest overflow and the slightest throw of projectiles this Sunday, for the match against PSG, at the end of the 11th day of Ligue 1. The Olympian club has in particular planned and ordered four removable nets for position them in strategic locations deemed to be at risk. They will be carried and moved by 12 stewards specially dedicated to these nets, on hot spots such as corners of the PSG.

Nets at the Vélodrome for OM-PSG
Nets at the Vélodrome for OM-PSG © DR

OM absolutely wants to avoid throwing projectiles and knows full well that some Parisian players like Neymar, Mbappé or Messi can provoke disproportionate reactions when they are close to the public.

A record safety device

OM have had a bad time and found the recent sanctions against their supporters unfair (1 suspended point and ban on movement of supporters until the winter break) after the incidents in Angers and the club knows it is in the sights of football authorities .

The shock referee Benoît Bastien had been criticized for his laxity during Nice-OM. He will probably show severity at the slightest overflow as indicated by Pablo Longoria in his letter to the supporters. The OM is therefore putting the package to ensure safety with a record device: 874 stewards, 17 dog handlers, 296 reception agents, 112 hostesses. So an unprecedented device of 1299 people! Even the hostesses will be briefed to prevent paper or cardboard glasses from dragging down the stands and becoming potential projectiles. The instruction is to keep an eye everywhere, while being aware that OM cannot control everything: during the last match at the Vélodrome against Lorient, the ball of paper received by Hake Stéphane Diarra was thrown … by a 10 year old child! There was therefore no legal action.

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