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The 12 strokes of noon: Loris finally reveals what he will do with his pot! – Objeko


Oct 22, 2021

As soon as you land in The 12 strokes of noon, Loris seems really motivated like never before. Moreover, we already know what he will do with his money!

Loris, more determined than ever!

No viewer of The 12 strokes of noon will not be able to forget October 5th. This day, the champion Bruno had to give way to Loris. In view of his magnificent career, no one would have thought that possible. At least not for a long time. Moreover, with pride, Jean-Luc Reichmann reminds us that Fifou Dingo now appears in the Book of Records. For now, and Objeko hopes for several years, it relaxes a number of victories never equaled neither in France, nor abroad. By excess of pride or jealousy, other masters of noon like Paul El Kharrat take the opportunity to tackle him gently. But whatever, with his kitty, he has plenty of projects in mind. And something tells us that we are not at the end of our surprises with him. Recently invited on the set of TPMP, Baba had tried to fit him in with Matthieu Delormeau. For or against this romance? Bruno will have the last word… and no one else!

An extraordinary game

Bruno’s replacement is young. He is only 20 years old. Certainly, it reminds us of the vertiginous rise of a certain Wiki Paul. For his part, Jean-Luc Reichman does everything to put his new hero at ease. It must be said that opposite, on France 2, Laurence Boccolini does absolutely everything to pulverize the audience. More than ever, Nathalie’s husband is counting on his accomplice Zette to find stunning questions. As for the formidable ordeal of the Mysterious Star, Objeko fingers crossed for the champion fabricate the right method to find out as much as possible.

Unlike Bruno, Loris is not yet in working life. In fact, he has time before he finishes his medical school. Moreover, serious and mature, he already knows his specialty. It will be cardiologist and nothing else. As he prepares to pass the milestone of fifteen victories, Jean-Luc Reichmann will try to find out a little more about the aspirations of his candidate. Studies are all well and good, but it does not feed the soul! As always, it targets the question that most titillates viewers’ curiosity. It concerns… earnings! ” With these almost 90,000 euros in gifts, maybe little Loris projects?

This project that has always made him dream!

Now is the time to find out what Loris’ buried dreams are. With childish eyes, he declares to the camera. “I would love to go to California. I have never been to the United States, so why not. »Rest assured, he intends to take advantage of our national gems, and in particular on the Isle of Beauty. “And return to Corsica too. Go around Corsica this time “Very quickly, the host of The 12 strokes of noon is happy and can sleep peacefully. He doesn’t have any exuberant plans. In summary, Objeko finds him halfway between the cicada and the ant.

For the record, we remember how Paul El Kharrat had become the laughing stock of Stéphane Plaza. While recording Big Heads, Karine Le Marchand’s BFF does not understand that all this money is sleeping in the bank. Who knows, maybe he wanted to stand out for the purchase of real estate?

And now, what can we wish for Loris?

Screenshot (c) The 12 blows of noon (c) TF1

More than ever, the public is showing benevolence towards its champion and wishes him everything to happen. At only twenty years old, he has his whole life ahead of him! For now, Loris has not yet guessed who was hiding behind his (first) Mysterious Star. In any case, he can count on the drafting ofObjeko to support him and help him confront the latter’s clues. Like Bruno who revised between two shoots, what is the current champion’s method? Does he have enough nerves to take on the pace of the show? As soon as we have news, we give it to you. Continued on next issue!

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