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Covid Gb. No mask, we are conservative “convivial and fraternal” deputies


Oct 22, 2021

No mask, we are conservative deputies. While covid-19 infections are on the rise in the United Kingdom, many Tories in Westminster are reluctant to “lead by example”, as the Minister of Health asks to counter the infection. The group leader, the ultra-conservative Jacob Rees Moog, went so far as to say that conservatives do not cover their noses and mouths because they are animated by a “fraternal and convivial spirit.” Equally surprising are the comments of Gillian Kegan, Undersecretary of Health. Questioned by Sky , he said that masks should not be “a sign of virtue.” In his opinion, covering your nose and mouth is “less important” than getting vaccinated. “For some people, wearing a mask is difficult. It is a personal choice. We are not the kind of country where people are told what to wear, “he added. With parliamentary work resuming after the summer, it was easy to distinguish opposition MPs from conservatives at a glance. of the former wear masks, while few of the Tories do. Meanwhile, infections are on the rise – yesterday they were 52 thousand – and Health Minister Sajid Javid, responding to journalists on Wednesday, admitted that people with a public role should give “a good example. “. His exhortation took the government by surprise and apparently no indication was followed to conservative MPs to use the mask. But the Guardian noted that yesterday, out of 12 Tories present for the answer to a question on Covid, as many as six they had covered their nose and mouth, much more than before. And among them there was also the Kegan. Meanwhile Downing street is not even able to confirm whether or not Prime Minister Boris Johnson will put the mask on next time who will intervene in parliament. “Wearing the face mask is a matter for the personal judgment of individuals,” a government spokesman replied. The Westminster mask controversy is a sign of a much larger problem. The central question in Great Britain is in fact whether or not to switch to “plan B”, or to impose the obligation to wear a mask, return to smart working and use the green pass, as the leaders of the health system are clamoring for. For now, the government continues to resist any pressure, proclaiming adherence to “plan A”: no restrictions and focus on vaccinations. For the mask there is only an invitation to use it in crowded places, but no obligation. And this despite the fact that Minister Javid admitted that, if people do not behave in a prudent manner, the infections could reach 100 thousand a day.

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