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Singer Peter Lipa crashed near Žiar nad Hronom – TVNOVINY.sk


Oct 22, 2021

22. 10. 2021 13:32, the article was updated 22. 10. 2021 15:57 | ŽIAR NAD HRONOM / tvnoviny.sk, TASR

He was taken to the Zvolen hospital with injuries.

Peter Lipa in the archive image.
Photo: TASR

A traffic accident of three vehicles occurred on Friday night on the R1 expressway in the direction from Žiar nad Hronom to Zvolen. As the Banská Bystrica Regional Police informed on the social network, the reason was a collision with forest animals. The accident claimed injury to one of the motorists.

The collision of the vehicles was preceded by a collision with a forest animal, after which the truck driver parked the vehicle on the right curb. “Shortly afterwards, a Mercedes vehicle passed in the left lane, the driver of which had bypassed the betrayed animal, and a Volvo passenger car, driving in the right lane, whose driver did not manage to react,” the police said.

According to the police, the driver of the Volvo was supposed to brake hard, as a result of which he got a skid. He crashed into the back of a Mercedes, his car then bounced off the barriers and crashed into a truck. “The 70-year-old Volvo driver was taken to hospital with injuries,” police said.


lipa.jpg Photo: facebook / Police of the Slovak Republic – Banská Bystrica Region

As the portal writes noviny.sk the singer Peter Lipa allegedly sat behind the wheel of one of the crashed cars, who was taken by paramedics to the Zvolen hospital with injuries in the upper part of the body.

“Rescued paramedics treated a man with an injured chest, fortunately conscious. He was taken to the hospital in a stable condition, “said Alena Krčová, a spokeswoman for the Emergency Medical Service Operations Center.

Police did not detect the presence of alcohol in the drivers, the exact cause of the accident is the subject of further investigation.

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