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Fuel prices: aid of 100 euros for 38 million French people, announces Jean Castex – actu.fr


Oct 22, 2021
Jean Castex during a trip to Lille, October 6, 2021. (© JB / Lille news)

Something promised, something due. After several days of discussion within the government, action will be taken in the face of soaring fuel prices, observed in recent weeks.

On the set of TF1’s 20 Hours JT, this Thursday, October 21, 2021, Prime Minister Jean Castex has indeed announced that an “inflation-allowance of 100 euros” will be paid to “middle-class” French people, that is to say who earn less than 2,000 euros net per month.

In total, 38 million French people are affected, figure Jean Castex.

Automatic help

“We are targeting working people, employees, artisans, farmers, job seekers”, lists the Prime Minister as an example, believing that it is the “fairest and most effective decision” with regard to the current situation.

But what about the steps to take to benefit from this assistance? Nothing at all, says Jean Castex. This compensation will be automatic : thus, “for employees, it will go through their company, for the self-employed, through the Ursaff”, etc.

The inflation allowance will also be sent “from the month of December for most” of the people concerned. Civil servants will have to wait until January. Another aspect will intervene later, “especially for retirees. “

We will do our best to make it happen quickly.

Jean CastexPrime Minister

Soaring prices in a tense context

The government was expected to turn for several days while the French, already affected by the increase in gas and electricity prices, face high fuel prices.

This Thursday, diesel was selling for 1.56 euros per liter, according to data from the Ministry of Ecological Transition updated every Friday. A record. The liter of SP95 was displayed at € 1.66 and that of SP98 at € 1.72.

For mitigate the impact of these increases on households, several avenues were being studied according to government representatives or suggested by the opposition: a “fuel check” on the model of the energy check, lower taxes, a price freeze, or an increase in the ceiling for the kilometer package paid for by the employer.

The government wanted a “simple, fair and effective” measure, in the words of its spokesperson Gabriel Attal. Six months before the presidential election, the subject is explosive for the executive, which particularly fears the return of the yellow vests.

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