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Elizabeth, Johnson reassures his subjects: “Queen back to work”


Oct 22, 2021

Boris Johnson also spoke on the story of Queen Elizabeth’s health conditions, assuring his subjects that “as we speak, His Majesty is back at work at his desk”. The British Prime Minister, on sight in a London vaccination center, therefore sent, on behalf of the entire government, “all possible best wishes” to the sovereign. Earlier, a source had told the media that the queen, after her brief hospitalization, was “resting” and performing some “light” duties. Words added to the official Buckingham Palace words that the Queen, now in Windsor Castle, is in “good spirits”. The amount of public appearances and institutional duties facing 95-year-old Elizabeth, whom doctors advised to cancel an official visit to Northern Ireland, scheduled for this week, quickly became a topic of discussion in the UK. Buckingham Palace’s announcement of Elizabeth’s short-term hospitalization Wednesday at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London, where she spent the night, raised alarm bells regarding the Queen’s advanced age and health conditions. , which next year will celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, for its 70 years of reign. Buckingham Palace was forced late Thursday evening to reveal the queen had entered the hospital for “preliminary examinations” the day before, after the tabloid Sun broke the news. The circumstance has clearly angered the media, who are now suspicious of the official versions of the Palazzo. And among the issues being debated is that of the border that separates Elizabeth’s private sphere and right to privacy, from the need to know exactly the health conditions of the head of state. It was since 2013 that the elderly queen, who was widowed last April, was not forced to spend a night in the hospital. Back then, it was gastroenteritis. Buckingham Palace also reported the “disappointment” with which the sovereign was forced to give up the official trip to Northern Ireland and the “reluctance” with which she accepted the doctors’ advice. Moreover, that Elisabetta does not intend to step aside or slow down her institutional activity in the least is demonstrated by the polite but decisive way in which she refused in recent days the Elder of the Year award, which had been conferred on her by a magazine. “Old is whoever feels old,” was his response.

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