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“Dragons Revolution”, Le Figaro dedicates three pages to Italy


Oct 22, 2021

“Draghi Revolution”, or “How Draghi gave back luster to Italy”. With this title ‘Le Figaro’ publishes a long three-page article dedicated to the Italian premier, who “in just eight months has given back credit to the country, initiated reforms and restored the authority of the state “.” Public accounts in recovery phase, reforms started, a respected state … The former president of the ECB has made his mark “, writes the newspaper, which starts by citing the praises of the Italia woven – the first for some time, he underlines – by an Anglo-Saxon bank, JP Morgan: “strong growth”, “radical changes”, thanks to Draghi’s “exceptional leadership”. Other institutions, he continues, “come to anticipate” a decade “for Italy”. For Le Figaro “it is the gaze on Italy” that has “clearly changed” since Draghi arrived. Chosen by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to fight against the pandemic and set up a plan of relaunch that would allow the country to receive the 191 thousand ardent of EU aid, Mario Draghi – he continues – “has respected his double contract”. Italy now has a health situation that is among those most “under control” in Europe, the recovery and reform plan “has been accepted in Europe”. “It is true – he then writes – that the former governor of the ECB also had a lot of luck: after the drop of 8.9% in activity in 2020, the 6% growth expected this year took all the institutions by surprise, from the IMF to the OECD, passing through the Anglo-Saxon banks “. A ‘post-war’ growth “which greatly facilitates economic policy” and “allows the government to maintain an expansionist policy”, with a growing budget and falling public debt, notes the newspaper, reviewing the reforms wanted by Brussels, listing those completed, those started, those announced, those still awaited. If much remains to be done, he continues, Draghi’s credit lies in the fact that “as a good conductor, he leads his vast majority, from the left to the League, without losing sight of his score “,” he does not let himself be intimidated by the displays of muscles “,” he manages to channel the Leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, receiving it every week “. “To then act according to his convictions, and with pragmatism, without bowing to the electoral agenda of his majority”. Without impositions, “he knows how to stall, hold a decision in suspense, the time necessary to convince the recalcitrant with some mini-concessions that they can claim as a victory. His method consists in going as far as possible without risking breaking the cohesion of the government”. “Abroad – he continues – his credit has grown since the beginning in Europe, having become the engine of his transformation”, writes the newspaper which dedicates another article to the “new strong axis with Emmanuel Macron to relaunch Europe”, in which he describes “the perfect understanding” between the two, the four bilaterals that have brought them together since February, on the sidelines of the European summits or the G7 as well as a dinner in Marseille and speaks, now that the page is about to be turned Merkel, of the “temptation to seek a new European balance based on a transalpine axis”. A Europe of which Draghi is relentlessly ambassador to his own “, he underlines.” For a majority of Italians – he concludes – doing without Super Mario is excluded. With a theme at the center of the debate: is it better for Italy to stay at Palazzo Chigi or the Quirinale starting next February? “.

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