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The 5 things you should know this June 2: Deaths in Peru are more than double those reported


Jun 2, 2021

“Observations and adjustments” by the Colombian government complicate the progress of the dialogues with the National Unemployment Committee. Francis reviews Church law and updates the rules on sexual abuse. Brazil confirms that it will host the Copa América. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


Deaths from covid-19 in Peru are more than double those reported

The Government of Peru updated the death toll from covid-19 in the country: states that more than 180,000 people have lost their lives due to the virus since the start of the pandemic, more than double the nearly 69,000 deaths reported so far by the authorities. The Government promised to follow recommendations to have a figure “that reflects a reality closer to what is happening.”


Government “Observations and Adjustments” Complicate Advance of Dialogues in Colombia

Negotiations between the Government of Colombia and the National Unemployment Committee are on a tightrope. This after the Government sent a series of “observations and adjustments” to the text of the preliminary agreement on the guarantees for the protest that had been reached with the representatives of the strike and that, had they been signed, the negotiating table would have been set up.

Is there or is not a preliminary agreement in Colombia? 4:09


The Catholic Church updates the rules against sexual abuse

Pope Francis issued the most extensive revision of the Catholic Church’s law in four decades, insisting that bishops take action against clergymen who abuse minors and vulnerable adults, commit fraud or attempt to ordain women. We explain the changes to this review that has been in process since 2009.

The Vatican toughens laws against sexual abuse 1:57


Brazil will host the Copa América

The Copa América will be played in Brazil, without an audience, and in the states of Matto Grosso, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás and in the Federal District, confirmed the country’s Minister of Government, Luiz Eduardo Ramos. “Consistency gained!”, The official wrote on his Twitter account. And he added that the country “could not turn its back on a traditional championship like this.”

Brazil confirms that it will host the Copa América 1:56


It is LGBT Pride Month. This is what you should know

June is Pride Month, in which LGBT communities from around the world come together and celebrate the freedom to be themselves. Pride demonstrations are rooted in the arduous history of minority groups who have struggled for decades to overcome prejudice and be accepted for who they are. Here, everything you need to know about this celebration.

At coffee time

Your entertainment guide for summer 2021

The boreal summer of 2021 is time for vaccinations and leaving the mask at home, for in-person premieres and “post-pandemic life,” although at different rates for each. In this guide, find the live premieres, series endings, and new beginnings that you can enjoy the next three months.

Five series coming to Netflix in June 1:00

These programs could help mothers re-enter the labor market

Since the pandemic began, millions of women have left the workforce, many of them because they have had to take care of care that traditionally falls to women. Get to know some projects that help reintegration.

Space debris hits the International Space Station

A robotic arm of the International Space Station was damaged by the impact of space debris. The exact object responsible for this damage is unknown, although the possibilities are very diverse. The Canadian Space Agency reported that, despite the impact, “the performance of the arm is not affected.”

This is how they want to clean the space debris from our orbit 0:55

A seven-year-old boy in Florida swam for an hour to get help

A 7-year-old boy from Florida has become a hero after swimming to shore for help when his sister and father were swept away. His father told how the experience was.

Boy swims for an hour to save his stranded family 1:07

Thin people can also have fat around the heart

If you thought that being slim is synonymous with being healthy, a study shows the opposite: overweight people have twice the risk of having fat around the heart, but those who are thin can also suffer from this condition.

Thinness does not equate to a healthy heart, study reveals 0:42

The number of the day

1.5 million

Krispy Kreme has given more than 1.5 million donuts to people vaccinated against covid-19 in the United States and expects the number to continue to rise.

These companies continue to offer gifts to vaccinated 0:56

Quote of the day

“The shortage of workers is real and is getting worse by the day”

The CEO of the United States Chamber of Commerce, Suzanne Clark, warned about the lack of workers in the country, which she describes as the most important and widespread challenge facing companies.

Day selection

A jade roller for $ 12

This beauty accessory is in fashion among beauty influencers for its benefits in skin care.

And to finish…

Watch a drone crash into lava from a volcano in Iceland

A drone crashed into the lava from the Fagradalsfjall volcano, providing a fascinating view of the erupting crater. Joey Helms, drone operator and youtuber, uploaded the video. Here the impressive images.

This is how a drone crashes into an erupting volcano 0:50