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Tragedies happen in the lungs, Alec Baldwin is not the only one. Two children died while filming one film – HNonline.sk


Oct 22, 2021

Source: Miramax Films, Twitter / ExPressions, Warner Bros.

Accidents during filming are relatively common. Some of them even ended in huge tragedies.

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The world hit on Friday tragic report from the filming of a western called “Rust”, in which the actor Alec Baldwin plays the lead role. In exchange for weapon props, Baldwin fired and killed 42-year-old cameraman Halyna Hutchins. In addition, he shot director Joel Souz, who is fighting for his life in hospital in a critical condition.

Unfortunately, this tragedy is far from the only one that happened on the movie screen. He remembers the history of cinema right away some similar sad moments. Remember these sad events with us.

The Dark Knight (2008)

In connection with one of the best comic books, most people think of the actor Heath Ledger, who played the Joker. He overdosed on drugs during the production of the film, which was fatal for him. But have you ever noticed who the film is for? It’s not a Joker representative, but stuntman Conway Wickliffe.

Wickliffe has also worked on Batman Begins and Bond Royale. In the Dark Knight, he made a scene in which Batmobil explodes after a rocket hit. When the driver practiced the scene, he did not manage to turn the corner and hit an obstacle. He miraculously escaped unharmed, but Wickliffe was not so lucky. He was pronounced dead on the spot at the age of 41.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 (2010)

David Holmes was Daniel Radcliff’s court stuntman throughout the Harry Potter series. The couple became close friends over the years, so the young wizard’s representative was even more affected by the event of the penultimate film.

During the opening scene on the flying brooms of Holmes, the explosion went off the wall and he fell from a height to the ground. As soon as the others ran up to him, he said he couldn’t feel his feet. After being transported to the hospital, Holmes learned that he had broken his neck, had paralyzed limbs, and the damage was irreversible.

The Conqueror (1956)

In the early 1950s, a group of American filmmakers took some of the biggest names in business to the Nevada desert to make a biographical film about the legendary Genghis Khan. They cast the iconic John Wayne in the lead role, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a loser.

But there was one thing the filmmakers didn’t think about when filming – contaminated soil after US nuclear tests. Twenty-five years after its premiere, up to 91 of the 220 staff members have been diagnosed with cancer.

The Expendables 2 (2012)

People fell in love with a film full of explosions, action and seasoned action actors. In the sequel, Sylvester Stallone decided to leave the directing to someone else after disagreements over the first film. The shooter Simon West (Con Air, The Mechanic) took on the task, but even he could not prevent a tragic accident.

During the filming of one of the explosions, two stuntmen got too close to it. The blast injured Nuo Sun and killed Kun Lia. After a lengthy lawsuit lasting four years, Liu’s parents received a ridiculous $ 270,000. This forced actor Jet Li to donate another 800,000 to the family.

Top Gun (1986)

Most disasters on the scene are not a big mystery. The stunt goes wrong and someone dies – it’s tragic, but things like that happen. However, when it came to filming Top Gun, everything was different. Art Scholl was one of the most famous stunt pilots in Hollywood. He has worked on almost every film with aerial scenes.

While shooting, Top Gun failed to maintain altitude after a turning maneuver. His last words were allegedly: “I have a problem. I have a real problem. “ Scholl’s plane crashed into the sea and could no longer be found. To this day, it remains a mystery what actually happened.

xXx (2002)

This film with Vin Diesel was shot in Prague. Being a double of this famous actor brings fame and danger to life. It was fatal for Harry O’Connor. During the parasailing sequence, the double completed his first shot flawlessly.

On the second attempt, however, the stuntman hit his head on part of the Palacky Bridge and died almost immediately. A little worrying is that parts of O’Connor’s last moments have reached the finished film, which is dedicated to his memory.

The Crow (1994)

Most film fans know the tragic death of Brandon Lee. It happened during the filming of the action thriller The Crow from 1994 and it was a terrible mistake on the part of the props, as well as anyone who manipulated the .44 Magnum prop revolver on the spot.

The situation is probably most similar to the events around Alec Baldwin. The weapon, which was supposed to be just a prop, was real, so the actor himself died after the shooting.

Twilight Zone (1983)

In 1983, Steven Spielberg got the idea to make a film with other directors that would explore space beyond reality in his own version of the classic stories from the cult series Rod Serling. However, it has become one of the worst film tragedies.

In a scene that involved a lot of pyrotechnics, shootings and a low-flying helicopter, strong winds and pyrotechnics pushed a helicopter into the path of actor Vic Morrow and two children running across a small pond. The helicopter crashed, the rotor hit Vic and one child, which killed them immediately. The second child was crushed by a skid.

The video contains the fatal event itself and is not intended for weaker characters:

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