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Elizabeth, Philip’s last advice to the queen


Oct 22, 2021

If he were still alive, Prince Philip would surely tell Queen Elizabeth not to participate in so many engagements. Royal biographer Angela Levin is certain of this, when asked after the news that the 95-year-old Elisabetta spent a night in the hospital for checks, after also being forced to cancel a visit to Northern Ireland. “Stop, don’t go to so many commitments and relax a little,” would have been Philip’s advice to his wife, according to Levin. According to the expert, who spoke to the talkRadio broadcaster, the queen is facing “a conflict between her body and her head”. In her obstinacy and not wanting to give up her institutional commitments, despite her advanced age, there would also be a religious aspect: the oath made on the occasion of the coronation of 1953, when Elizabeth affirmed that with the help of God she would have fulfilled her duties of head of state, until the day of his death. The news of Elizabeth’s brief hospitalization at King Edward VIII’s Hospital was announced overnight from Buckingham Palace, a few hours after the cancellation of the Queen’s official visit to Northern Ireland, on the occasion of the centenary of the partition of the Irish island. The court doctors ordered the queen to take a rest break, raising a jumble of interpretations regarding the reasons for the cancellation of the trip. From what emerged, the brief hospitalization, which took place on Wednesday afternoon, was used to carry out “examinations” preliminaries “, while the overnight stay was decided for practical reasons. Buckingham Palace reported that the sovereign was discharged yesterday morning and returned to Windsor Castle, where she will spend the rest of the week. It was from May 2013 that Elizabeth was not forced to hospitalize. From what has emerged, Wednesday’s hospitalization is not related to the coronavirus. Buckingham Palace did not want to reveal whether the queen had undergone the third dose of the vaccine, although, given her advanced age, it is very likely that Elizabeth has already received the so-called ‘booster jab’.

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