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Colombian House of Representatives denies motion of censure against Defense Minister


Jun 2, 2021

(CNN Spanish) – The Colombian House of Representatives reported Tuesday that the motion of censure against Defense Minister Diego Molano Aponte was denied.

With a total of 169 votes, 36 for yes and 109 for no, the motion was unsuccessful. Another 24 representatives did not respond to the call for a vote.

«The motion of censure against Molano Aponte was promoted by the opposition in the public hearing, held in the plenary session on May 25, 2021. Consequently, the Minister of National Defense, as the motion of censure did not succeed, will retain his position in the Cabinet of President Iván Duque Márquez ”, says the House of Representatives in a statement.

Diego Molano, Minister of Defense of Colombia. (Photo: RAUL ARBOLEDA / AFP via Getty Images)

Last week, the motion also did not advance in the senate, with 31 votes in favor and 69 against.

For his part, Molano, on his verified Twitter account, spoke in a video thanking the House of Representatives for the “vote” of confidence.

“This is a vote of confidence from the House of Representatives to the Ministry of Defense, the public force and the role of the soldiers and police of the country, guarantors of the defense of Colombian life and honor and property,” said Molano .

The minister emphasized that they will continue working to end roadblocks in the country.