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Apple MacBook Air 2022: a design inspired by the MacBook Pro and the iMac M1 – Frandroid


Oct 22, 2021

More and more people are talking about the next MacBook Air. Its design would gain some specifics of the new MacBook Pro and the iMac M1, but not all.

Source: RenderbyIan

The Apple’s new MacBook Pro are very impressive, but are really reserved for professionals. For the wider audience of Apple, it will therefore be necessary to wait for the next renewal of the MacBook Air to hope for an interesting machine, sold at a more reasonable price.

For several months, the new MacBook Air has been talking about it. It must be said that the MacBook Air M1, the first to use an Apple Silicon chip, was identical to the chassis of the previous generation based on Intel. We therefore expect a major change with the next generation.

Colors, slim chassis and USB-C connectivity

According to the @dylandkt Twitter account, to whom the specialized site MacRumors lends good credibility thanks to several leaks verified in the past, the new MacBook Air should offer several changes already seen on the MacBook Pro and iMac M1. We are talking about a design similar to that of the new MacBook Pro, with a chassis, however, thinner without ventilation, since the machine will be less powerful, and a screen whose edges would be refined, with perhaps a notch.

The upcoming MacBook (Air) will release in the middle of 2022. It will have MagSafe, a 1080p webcam, USB C ports, a 30W power adapter, and no fans. There will be color options similar to the iMac 24. The bezels and keyboard will be an off white with full sized function keys.

– Dylan (@dylandkt) October 21, 2021

As on the iMac, it should be possible to choose between several shimmering colors. The MacBook Pro offers two: gray and a little less gray, here we would talk about a little more varied colors. Apple offers 7 with the iMac: blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange, purple.

Source: RenderbyIan

Source: RenderbyIan

In terms of connectivity, the MacBook Air would only keep USB-C ports, without an HDMI port or SD card reader. It’s pretty consistent, since these changes were aimed at the professional world. The MagSafe charging port is reportedly making a comeback, however.

Finally, as one could imagine, this MacBook would be the first to integrate an Apple M2 chip, which is thought to use TSMC’s 4nm etching process, instead of the 5nm used with the M1 chip.

Launch in summer, at best

Still according to @dylandkt, this new MacBook would be released in mid-2022. Other rumors point to a release at the end of 2022. We imagine that Apple would like to release it in the spring, but the shortage of components inevitably has an impact on the brand’s schedule.

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