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Michel: “EU Council without Merkel like Rome without the Vatican”


Oct 22, 2021

Last EU Council for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who took part in “107 Councils out of 214”, which is “almost scientific”. “Your farewell to the European stage touches us politically, but it also fills us with emotion. You are a monument. The European Council without Angela is like Rome without the Vatican, like Paris without the Eiffel Tower. We will miss your wisdom, especially in times so complex “, said the president of the European Council Charles Michel, according to EU sources. “A year ago – he continued – you told me: if we, the continent of Enlightenment and knowledge, do not know how to manage the exponential, instead of the linear, then we have a problem. I remember our first meeting: you were very interested in to hear me explain the details of our coalition agreement and the complexity of the Belgian institutions “.” And I also remember – he added – your extreme sobriety and simplicity. It is a very powerful seductive weapon. You are not leaving us: your spirit and your experience will remain with us. You are a compass and a shining star for our European project “, he concludes. German Chancellor and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Loefven, also at his last EU summit, also received a present from President Michel as a reminder of the political path made at the top of the European Union. It is, according to EU sources, an art print depicting the Europa Building, seat of the summits in Brussels, customized for leaders who leave the Council.

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