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Coronavirus ONLINE: Almost 3,500 new cases from PCR tests have been added – Aktuality.sk


Oct 22, 2021

Most importantly:

– from Monday 25 October will be ten districts in black

Kysuce are black and resigned. The vaccinated were deceived, say the operation

area testing will certainly not be, says Minister Lengvarský

current map of confirmed cases in Slovakia and ONLINE statistics

we watched yesterday what was happening here


10:44 – COVID ID: Operations are not in breach of the law in their duty to check EU Digital COVID cards, and visitors are required to provide evidence of vaccination, passing or test results for COVID-19, which are not medical records. Zuzana Eliášová, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, informs about it.

10:32 – MONTHLY DIFFERENCE: Like this a month ago 1180 new cases were added. Currently 3470. Month-on-month, the number of positive PCR tests almost tripled.

One month ago, 329 people hospitalized in Slovak hospitals had the disease confirmed, currently there are 1,037 of them. The number of patients with covid has thus more than tripled in a month.

10:19 – HUNGARY: In the past 24 hours, 2548 people have been infected with a new species of coronavirus in Hungary. Twenty-four patients died in connection with COVID-19, the operating staff reported on the website koronavirus.gov.hu ​​on Friday. (TASR)

10:14 – NEW CASES: The most positive RT-PCR tests tested were in the Prešov region (901), followed by Košice Region (669), Žilinský (591), Banskobystrický (416), Trenčiansky (247), Bratislavský (244), Nitriansky (214) and Trnavský (188). There are 1,832 men and 1,638 women among them.

10:12 – HOSPITAL: Of the more than 1,100 hospitalized, 1,037 people have confirmed the disease. Among hospitalized, 80.02% of people are not vaccinated at all or only partially vaccinated. There are 113 patients at JIS, 123 people need the support of artificial lung ventilation.

10:10 – ANTIGEN TESTS: It came 677 positive Of the 21,061 antigen tests performed, more than 70% of those tested positive have not yet been vaccinated.

10:08 – VACCINATION: The total number of people vaccinated with the first dose of vaccine is 2,486,664, and 1,384 were vaccinated the previous day. The second dose of the vaccine has already been received by 2,289,415 people, and 1,806 people have been vaccinated the past day.

10:06 – HOSPITAL: The number of occupied covid beds in Slovak hospitals increased again. Compared to the previous day by 50 patients.

With a covid or suspicion of it, it is currently in hospitals 1,102 people.

10:02 – DEATH: They confirmed others 3 deaths and covid-19. So far, the pandemic has claimed 12,886 lives in Slovakia.

10:00 – PCR TESTS: On Thursday, 14,282 laboratory tests were completed. They revealed them 3 470 new cases covid-19 disease. Of the positives tested, almost 74% were not vaccinated.

9:46 – UKRAINE: For the second day in a row, Ukraine has recorded a record number of new cases of coronavirus infections as well as deaths. However, for the third day in a row, they also recorded a record number of people in the country who could be vaccinated against coronavirus in the past 24 hours, the UNIAN agency reported.

In the past 24 hours, there have been 23,785 new cases of the disease in Ukraine, the highest since the beginning of the pandemic. 1800 children and 391 health care workers were positively tested. (TASR)

9:38 – BANSKÁ BYSTRICA: At Roosevelt Hospital, the number of positively tested employees is rising to covid-19. As of yesterday, they registered 14. They last recorded a similar number half a year ago.

9:16 – LATVIA: In Latvia, they introduced a 4-week lockdown to increase the number of covid-19 cases. Compliance with the measures is checked by the security forces.

It also informs about the measures in force during the hard lockdown in Latvia Slovak Ministry of Diplomacy.

4photos in the gallery

Checking compliance with the measures during the current lockdown in Riga
Source: REUTERS / Ints Kalnins

4photos in the gallery

Checking compliance with the measures during the current lockdown in Riga
Source: REUTERS / Ints Kalnins

8:54 – CZECH REPUBLIC: In the Czech Republic, another 3,638 confirmed cases of covid-19 disease were added by PCR tests. Although there are about twice as many inhabitants in the country as in Slovakia, they still have fewer covid patients in hospitals. (MH CR)

4photos in the gallery

Current pandemic situation in the Czech Republic
Source: Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

8:42 – RECOVERY PLAN: The section of the recovery plan at the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic has published a traffic light which warns of the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of tasks from the recovery plan.

The principle is simple:

• green measures are already in place;

• tasks that are likely to be delayed are marked in orange;

• those that are at risk of significant delays are red.

8:31 – THAILAND: The country has been since November will open to tourists from over 40 countries. (TASR)

8:03 – THIRD BATCH: The third dose of vaccine against covid-19 is in Slovakia vaccinated 7,212 people. (TASR)

7:48 – VACCINATION / DEATH: The State Institute closed on Wednesday (October 20) fifth case of death in connection with vaccination for the prevention of COVID-19. As the institute stated on its website, it was a man aged 71 with a chronic disease. (TASR)

7:42 – SIDE EFFECTS: 8774 suspected adverse reactions were reported to the State Institute for Drug Control (ŠÚKL) in connection with vaccination against the new coronavirus on Wednesday (October 20). Out of the total number of reports, they evaluated 1051 of them as serious. (TASR)

7:34 – CZECH REPUBLIC: The family did not get vaccinated and its members ended up with a covid at the ARO department in Vsetín. The father is still struggling for life, the mother has died and their daughter is out of the worst. (Message list)

7:23 – CONSULIUM OF EXPERTS: Changing the COVID of the machine in the current situation would most likely cause health system overload in Slovakia.

He would not be able to provide adequate health care for all citizens. The members of the expert council agreed. (TASR)

7:04 – CZECH REPUBLIC: The chief hygienist of the Ministry of Defense began to arrange a visit to Miloš Zeman in a Prague military hospital. At least five people came to see him in the intensive care unit last week – among them Vratislav Mynář and Radek Vondráček.

As they did not use respirators, they violated the rules valid in Czech medical facilities. (Thu 24)

A visit to President Zeman without drapes can be seen on a video recording published by the Czech President’s Office, from about 8 minutes and 20 seconds:

6:52 – DEATH: In the last two weeks, significantly more people have died of covid-19 in Slovakia per million inhabitants than in the surrounding EU countries.

6:41 – SR AND NEIGHBORS: Slovakia is not only significantly worse based on a comparison of the number of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants with the countries of Western Europe, but also on a comparison with the surrounding countries.

6:23 – GERMANY: The head of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), Markus Söder, said on Thursday that Germany should not end the national state of emergency coronavirus epidemics.

According to Reuters, the termination of the situation at the end of November was proposed by the Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn. (TASR)

6:10 – EU: The pandemic has spread much faster in Slovakia in recent weeks than in Western European countries. On the map, which captures the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants, burgundy predominates in Slovakia. The situation is very bad in Romania, for example.

Countries such as Portugal, Spain, France and Italy are colored yellow or green.

4photos in the gallery

The latest map that countries can follow when issuing travel recommendations within the EU
Source: ECDC

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