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Audiences: “Munch” leader for his return on TF1 ahead of “The best pastry chef” on the decline, success for football on W9 – OZAP


Oct 22, 2021

Thursday evening, TF1 took the head of the hearings with the return of its French series “Munch”, carried by Isabelle Nanty. The kickoff of season 4 attracted an average of 4.44 million fans until 11:05 p.m., according to Médiamétrie, for a market share of 23.3% among audiences aged 4 and over and 21.0 % on women responsible for purchases under the age of fifty (FRDA-50). On January 30, 2020, the start of season 3 had been followed by 5.01 million followers (25.9% of 4+ and 25.3% of FRDA-50).

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M6 follows with season 10 of the entertainment “The best pastry chef”. The competition presented by Marie Portolano made salivate this week 2.01 million individuals and 11.6% of the public. On the main commercial target, in which the chain retains the leadership, the market share is 24.0%. Last week, the program had brought together 2.39 million followers (14.2% of 4+ and 26.5% of FRDA-50).

“Special Envoy” up over one week

France 2 is third with a new number of “Special Envoy”. The reports introduced by Elise Lucet anointed 1.93 million news enthusiasts. The market share is 9.7% (9.5% on the FRDA-50). “Special Envoy” had managed to convince 1.60 million French people last Thursday (8.3% of 4+ and 8.0% of FRDA-50).

Behind, we find France 3 with an entertainment, “A day with Brassens”, led by Daphné Bürki and Raphäl Yem. Until 11 p.m., the tribute to the French singer convinced 1.75 million nostalgics, an audience share of 8.9% (1.8% on the FRDA-50).

In the rest of the evening’s offer, on W9, the Europa League match between Sparta Prague and Lyon raised the adrenaline of 1.16 million supporters and 5.8% of the public (3, 5% on FRDA-50). On TMC, “Back to the Future 2” and its foray into the year 2015 was followed by 797,000 fans of the saga with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, which represents a market share of 4.4% on 4+ and 7.2% on the FRDA-50.

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