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Joe Biden says he is ready to defend Taiwan militarily in the event of an attack on China – archyworldys


Oct 22, 2021

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, affirmed, Thursday, October 21, that the United States was ready to defend Taiwan militarily, in the event of attack of China; the latter considers the island as part of its territory.

“Yes, we have a commitment in this direction”, Biden said in an exchange with voters in Baltimore, Maryland, broadcast on CNN.

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The statement by the US president contradicts the so-called “strategic ambiguity” policy, applied for a long time by the United States – Washington helping Taiwan to build and strengthen its defenses without explicitly promising to come to its aid if a attack was taking place.

“Sacred commitment”

During an interview this summer on ABC, the US president made a similar promise, speaking of“Sacred commitment” to defend the allies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), such as “Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan”.

In the wake of Joe Biden’s statements on Thursday evening, the White House told the press that the United States’ policy towards Taiwan had failed. “Not changed”.

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Asked also whether the United States would be able to respond to the development of military programs in China, Mr. Biden replied in the affirmative. “Don’t worry about whether… they’re going to be more powerful”, he said, before adding: “China, Russia and the rest of the world know that we have the most powerful military capability in the world. “ However, he reiterated his desire not to engage in a new cold war with Beijing.

No cold war with Beijing

During a press conference on Thursday, Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun, questioned about the Taiwanese issue, recalled that his country was not on the offensive. China is in the position of ” defense “. “We are fighting to maintain our sovereignty and our territorial integrity”, he said.

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“We are not the troublemaker. On the contrary, some countries, the United States in particular, are taking dangerous measures leading directly to a dangerous situation in Taiwan ”, he added. “We should call on the United States to end such a practice. To drag Taiwan into a wall is not in anyone’s interest ”, hammered the Chinese diplomat.

Don’t “trust” China in Taiwan

China and the United States oppose head-on many issues in a climate of cold war, but the Taiwanese question is often considered as the only one likely to provoke an armed confrontation.

The next US Ambassador to Beijing, career diplomat Nicholas Burns, said on Wednesday that it was not necessary “Not to trust” to China over Taiwan, and recommended selling more weapons to the island to strengthen its defenses. Mr Burns was speaking to the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, which is due to confirm his appointment. He had also denounced recent Chinese incursions into the Taiwanese air defense identification zone, calling them “Reprehensible”.

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The United States has recognized the People’s Republic of China since 1979, but the American Congress at the same time requires the supply of arms to Taiwan for its self-defense. The island has had its own government since the Communists’ victory over mainland China in 1949, but Beijing considers this territory to be one of its provinces and threatens to use force in the event that the island formally proclaims independence.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping, however, recently reaffirmed his desire to achieve reunification “Peaceful”.

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