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Reveals one of the biggest serial killers: He has confused our heads, says elite investigator – TVNOVINY.sk


Oct 22, 2021

Jan Stocek.
Photo: J.Š. / Lenka Hatašová Archive

He searched for, investigated and got behind the bars of the worst Czech criminals. Jan Štoček is one of the elite investigators who was a part of the so-called Prague mordparty for three decades. This is colloquially called the police department detecting murders. Ivan Roubal, a serial killer, was one of the most significant cases in which Štoček stood in the 1990s.

They tried five murders in court and sentenced him to life imprisonment. He killed two men in a car rental company, one was found by the police in a Prague apartment. He threw the body of another man into the cesspool of the house under construction, he threw another victim into the pond. Although they managed “only” these actions, it is still not clear whether he has more lives to blame. For example, a couple of men and women they were associated with him have not been found to this day. It was said that he could have their bodies eaten by pigs.

It is about this man that the VOYO streaming service will bring a series shot exclusively for her in November. Jan Štoček also took part in his work, recalling in an interview for TVnoviny.sk what it was like to expose one of the greatest Czech murderers.

Ivan Roubal was sentenced to life in prison and succumbed to cancer in prison in 2015. He never pleaded guilty, even though he was given the most severe punishment. How was his case specific to you?

It must have been the number of murders. We did five for him and three more we tried. However, we did not find the bodies of these victims and we closed it. It was a lot. We had multiple murders in Prague, but there were usually two or three victims. Roubal was specific, similar to the Eagle killer Ludvík Černý, who killed five people and tried to kill another person. These were two cases that were really extensive.

How was the investigation of this case difficult?

It was especially difficult because we actually solved this case twice. For the first time, we investigated Roubal from a double murder in a Prague car rental company. This was complicated by a witness who claimed that Roubal had not murdered, only stole.

Roubal sat behind bars initially for robbery for three and a half years. The judge released him and we detained him again when he was released from prison. Just outside the door. The reason was that he threatened the prison worker with death, they had a conflict. The factual matter was fulfilled and we dealt with Roubal again and we went to the “second round”.

According to the witness, the one who came to rob the double murder was not the same man who killed. He looked wrong. Roubal first had a wig and then put it down. We found the wig later. She accidentally fell on him, but a colleague did not accidentally put her on the detainee’s list of things. At first we lacked proof, but later we had it.

It was certainly complicated by his nature – he did not admit anything, he did not comment on anything and we had to prove everything to him step by step.

Roubal claimed to be a believer. He claimed, for example, that the killer was serving the victims by killing them and reducing their suffering on Earth. In earlier conversations, you said that he was also special in this regard.

His faith was all pofider. He was neither a Christian nor a Jehovist. During totalitarianism, he was even punished for violating the exercise of his faith. “Hard” served a year. As you mentioned, he had a proverb: “Whosoever slayeth shall not sin, but is blessed; for he hath shortened the sufferings of his earthly life, which is a good reward for his deeds.” So tell me, are these Jehovah’s Witnesses or Christians? I do not know. Behind bars, he complained about many things, including preventing him from spiritual activity, which, of course, was not true.

Ivan Roubal. Photo: Profimedia.sk

Did Roubal murder because the act itself caused him satisfaction, or were murders a means of accessing material things?

His main motive was property and then a great deal of revenge. He was a very vengeful man. For example, in the case of the mentioned murder in a car rental company. The two men, his victims, made money by selling them at the Christmas stand in Václavák.

They knew the owner had gone away with a man named Roubal. He came to them alone, without an owner, and asked for sales from them. They gave him money for a while, but over time they didn’t want to. One day he was physically attacked. They were prepared and used an electric stun gun against it. He received a major blow. He could not bear this and murdered them went out of pure revenge. He let a third man, who was accidentally in a car rental business at the time, live with the words “I don’t care about you.”

Every criminal they catch will make a fundamental mistake. What did he do?

It was the aforementioned murder in a car rental company and also the murder of an elderly man. They found him tied up in a pond. Roubal took his passbooks, withdrew money with his ID card and signature.

He also connected with a man who made a living selling porn films, performing masochistic practices and the like. He also tied him up and found his body in the apartment. Roubal took a lot of things from him, including the player we found at his then girlfriend’s parents. That it was one and the same thing was confirmed by a repairman who remembered that he was repairing it. However, the common denominator of all Roubal cases was advertisements. He studied them daily in the magazine Annonce and through them he connected with people who later became his victims.

When you interrogated him, you spent long hours with him. What was he like in personal interviews?

He was the type of perpetrator you brought from custody to an “investigator” and said he would not speak today. In short, he was silent. You could have asked him anything. He never admitted anything, he didn’t talk to us. The only thing he could talk about and what I got him for were his hobbies.


Agriculture and trains. He had experience with it, he enjoyed it and he knew a lot of details. So I learned something about the steam locomotives he preferred. When there was nothing left, I asked him, “Mr. Roubal, do you know which was the most beautiful locomotive? Parrot! ”He responded immediately, saying she was amazing and beautiful. So I told him that she had three axles, why did he defend himself and correct me, since she had four. That’s how I got into conversations with him. One of the topics was the settlement of Pohádka. I knew I would provoke him. I told him, “You raised horses, ostriches, pigs on your farm there.” These words went through him like a needle. Because animals are still raised and crops are grown.

You mentioned the Fairy Tale farm, which was closely related to the case. The place of many who visited him looks scary and mysterious and there are various rumors circulating about him. For example, he threw some undetected victims to the pigs. How do you remember the place? You also had to spend long days there during the investigation.

Yes, I’ve been there a long time, looking for evidence, researching the area. It is a remote place in Šumava near the border with Germany. It is a very old settlement, which is talked about a lot. For example, that one of the owners allegedly hung there. I’ve never spent the night there. But I’m probably not that sensitive, and I didn’t solve the mysteries that happened there. I impersonated myself.

Fairy Tale Farmhouse.

Fairy Tale Farmhouse. Photo: Profimedia.sk

How important is it to depersonalize yourself during the investigator’s work?

Very. You need to have interests and mental relaxation. I tried to have all this and I succeeded. The cases have never dismissed me so much that I could not sleep. You have to cut off the workload and go your own way.

You have returned to Roubal in recent years. You have collaborated on miniserieswhich will premiere in November. How was the shooting?

At first, when the script was written, I came up with a lot of things. I was skeptical at first glance. Only the double murder was discussed in detail, and the others were mentioned in passing. Well, now that I’ve seen a slightly cut version of the three parts, I have to say that I really liked it. The work of the police is shown, finding evidence that is often about happiness. It is well presented what is happening in court. From the police officer’s point of view, the cases still look a little different than when a lawyer starts. I have to say that I like what I saw. The cast is great and I’m very curious about the final version.

You will be able to watch the three-part miniseries The Roubal Case in November on the VOYO streaming service.

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