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Trial of the November 13 attacks: “When my father died, I was only 7 years old” – LCI


Oct 22, 2021

JUSTICE – Hearings of relatives of deceased victims at the Bataclan are continuing. Among those heard this Thursday by the special assize court, Alice and Emilie, 13 and 16 years old and who lost their father in 2015.

Celine was the first of the three to speak. Céline is the ex-companion of Manuel Perez, 40, who died at the Bataclan. They spent almost 20 years together. Alice and Emilie, the fruit of their union, were 7 and 10 years old when their father was murdered.

On November 13, 2015, Celine searched for her former companion for hours with others, before the terrible news fell on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 11:12 a.m. “I screamed, I fell in apples. My daughters understood but I have to tell them”, Céline explains. Emilie “scream while crying” and “Alice doesn’t say a word”. “With my daughters we made three curls of tears. That evening, they did not only kill Manu, they tore the hearts of my daughters”, she insists.

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The extraordinary trial of the November 13 attacks

These two children with ragged hearts have yet found the strength and courage to testify this Thursday at the trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015.

“November 13, 2015 was a wave, a tsunami”

“My name is Alice, I am 13, when my father died I was only 7” the youngest starts, with attacked brown hair and a red checkered shirt. When Alice learned of her father’s death, she couldn’t believe it. “For a long time a part of me thought that my father was going to reappear. I just miss not being able to say daddy anymore”, whispers the very young teenager whose soft and still childish voice echoes in the courtroom.

Alice declares at the bar that she thinks of her daddy often, that every time a child appears in the street on her father’s shoulders, she thinks about those good times. She also states that she “Fed up”, “fed up with having to explain why” She is “Brown” while her mother and sister are blondes, “tired of explaining why it’s always his mother who comes” the “looking for”, “fed up with filling out cards at school saying my father is dead”.

“November 13, 2015 was a wave, a tsunami. I could have drowned, I learned to surf with it”, Alice however assures before leaving the floor to her big sister.

“His face no longer looked like my daddy”

“My name is Emilie, I am 16 years old. Six years ago, my daddy Manu died at the Bataclan. I was ten years old”, begins the teenager with long blond hair, wearing a green checkered shirt. She indicates that with her mother and sister, they live near the Canal Saint-Martin, “300 meters from Carillon and Petit Cambodge “. Emilie remembers that evening “first shots at the end of the street” that everyone took for firecrackers.

Then Emilie went to bed, not yet knowing what to expect. “The next day, my world changed. Since then, I have the impression of having two lives: the one before, and the one after”. Like many victims, Emilie cannot erase the last image of the loved one, that of the forensic institute. “I remember the closing of his coffin. We had waited so much for his body after the autopsies that his face no longer looked like my dad. This image terrified me for a long time.”

Emilie then felt guilty. Because this November 13, 2015, it was her dad who had to keep her at home but he had an invitation for the Eagles of death Metal show. “I had encouraged him to go to this concert which made him so happy. If I had asked him to stay at home, he would have done it” she assures us.

“For me to be happy meant that I forgot”

Manuel, her father, is dead and Emilie has to live with it. So she then tries to get better, finds herself laughing, but relentlessly plunges into her sadness. “For me, being happy meant forgetting, and I didn’t want to forget.” At only 16, she has the feeling “that it will never go totally well”. According to her, his pain “grows” as the years go by.

Emilie has since felt out of touch with the others. She “can no longer talk about attacks and death” from his father. “The friends who know about it are the ones I already had at 10 years old”. From others, she hides her father’s death and its circumstances. At school, she has trouble concentrating and even declares “not really wanting to do it anymore”. “I am so preoccupied with other things that it does not seem to me without stake. Behind the attacks, nothing seems to me really important any more”, Emilie breathes.

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Today the teenager does not feel “truly alive” that when she does “exceptional things, when the adrenaline is high”. She cites travel, concerts, surfing and skateboarding, which she practices with her little sister Alice. His father, who taught him skateboarding, rollerblading, skiing, diving, drums or Guitar hero on the console, is no longer there to accompany them.

Often, Emilie has images in mind: those of her daddy “preparing to go out and marching towards the Bataclan, light, with no awareness of the death that awaits him. “” At the same time, individuals, too, are preparing and marching to spread horror and commit their crimes. These divergent and parallel paths that will collide in death continue to leave me with a feeling of absurdity and incomprehension. I do not understand”, lets go Emilie a few meters from the accused.

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