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Covid today Gb, doctors: “Government willfully negligent”


Oct 21, 2021

British doctors accuse the government of “voluntarily negligent” behavior in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic. The accusation of the president of the British Medical Association (BMA) Chaand Nagpaul, comes after the health minister Sajid Javid admitted yesterday that the risk is to reach 100 thousand infections a day, but ruled out moving to plan B, which imposes a series of restrictions, such as the obligation to wear masks, the return to work online and the use of the Green pass. Read also “The government had said it would implement Plan B to prevent the National Health Service (NHS) from being overwhelmed. As frontline doctors we categorically affirm that this moment has come” – said Nagpaul – by the same admission of the Minister of Health. health care we will soon have 100 thousand cases a day while already now we have the same number of deaths as in March, when we were in lockdown. It is incredibly worrying that the government does not want to act immediately to save lives and protect the NHS. ”

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