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Ignatz windstorm is coming to Europe. When and where will the storm be strongest? –


Weather in Europe is already beginning to be affected by the extensive pressure below Ignatz, whose center is located above Scandinavia. This will bring not only a change in the flow, but also a relatively strong wind, which is already beginning to blow in Europe. But the worst is yet for Europe.

The coming hours will be extremely windy in Europe, thanks to the extensive pressure below, which is currently highlighting over the Scandinavian region and which German meteorologists have named Ignatz.

While over Scandinavia there will be a pressure below Ignatz, over Greece and a large area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea lies the pressure level of Philine. It is between them that a pressure gradient will be highlighted in Europe, which will cause a stronger wind. He is already beginning to influence the weather in Western Europe.

The wind at night exceeded 100 km / h

The wind is already picking up speed in the British Isles and France, with gusts of wind moving at lower altitudes. from 50 to 70 km / h. In the British Isles, mountain areas are an exception. In Scotland, the wind has already exceeded speeds of up to 100 km / h.

We can say that currently the windiest is in the area of ​​France and especially Brittany, where the wind has already exceeded gusts of 100 km / h during the last night, even in lower positions. In area Carteret measured wind speed 102 km / h and the strongest wind has been recorded in the area so far Beg Melen on the island of Groixwhere a gust of wind reached up to 119 km / h.

The wind in Europe is getting stronger, but a really strong wind will come tonight and night for tomorrow. Another pressure below will take care of this, which will deepen over the British Isles and advance over the English Channel, the Benelux along the coast of Europe towards the Baltic Sea. This one was named by meteorologists as Hendrik II and it is this that will further accentuate the pressure gradient and bring the aforementioned storm to Europe.

synoptic situation from tonight

The storm will do damage at night

The first problems are expected in France and the Benelux region during the coming night. Wind gusts should move in lower positions between 80 to 100 km / h and there are up to 5 meters of waves on the coast of Europe.

During the morning, a strong wind is blowing in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and even in our territory. The most dangerous wind in Central Europe is expected between six o’clock tomorrow morning and 15:00.

A very strong wind awaits Slovakia, but it will come to our territory in two waves.

It will blow strongest in the west and in the mountains

The wind is already starting to intensify in the area of ​​mountainous locations and in the west of Slovakia, but so far the situation is relatively calm. It will all change tomorrow morning.

First of all, expect that by noon a strong southern wind will intensify, which in the mountains can reach the speed of a mighty storm in the gusts. Rarely, impacts on the power of the hurricane, especially on the ridges of the High Tatras, are not excluded.

However, it also blows in lower positions. The gusting wind will reach speeds of up to 70 km / h, no in the Danube plain should blow the strongest. In the vicinity of Komárno or Dunajská Streda, the wind can reach speed in gusts up to 90 km / h.

At noon, the wind should temporarily weaken, but only temporarily. It starts to turn from the south to the northwest and it will start to gain strength again.

In the mountains the wind will calm down, but in the northwestern part of the territory will intensify and that especially in the far west. In Záhorie, or in the vicinity of Bratislava, the strongest wind is expected tomorrow afternoon and will reach rspeed 70-80 km / h.

In the coming hours, Europe will face a storm that will certainly cause material damage. We will bring more about the development in the evening,


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