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Battle of the FC Spartak Trnava duel – ŠK Slovan Bratislava. Róbert Vittek: Primitivism! – ŠPORT.sk


Oct 17, 2021

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“It was a very sad evening of Slovak football,” said former national striker Róbert Vittek in the league derby Spartak Trnava – Slovan Bratislava. He worked in Slovan for three periods.

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This will be talked about for weeks abroad

“It simply came to our notice then. We saw the face and a very, very bad advertisement for Slovak football. We were supposed to sing the derby all week, instead we would look for the culprit. This will be talked about at home and abroad for weeks. It will not be pleasant, “he responded in the Dajto television studio to the premature end of the duel.

Vittek reflected on the perpetrators of the incident: “A group of fans who do not belong to stadiums for a long time. We have a problem with that, not even the camera system solved it. Then the organizing service. It is to ensure order. And she didn’t. Pyrotechnics had nothing to do in this risky match, we saw it in both camps. They let the fans on the field and instead of good football, we watched them give away. ”

Can’t an exception be made for such matches?

The offspring of the “whites” also pointed out that in the same cases, the hard-core will intervene only at the command of the organizers. It is usually too late.

“Is it not possible to make an exception for such a match and put them in front of both camps before the duel? To keep order for decent people who came to enjoy football with their families. If they did so before the match, both sides would be calmer. The emotions and ‘hackers’ are part of it and will not disappear, but the fans would have much more respect and we would not look at such shots, “Vittek thought.

Slovan players could be worried about Trnava fans

A few minutes after the end of the match, the heavily outcasts pushed the Slavs’ fans out of the stadium. The defending champion did not want to continue the duel, he allegedly demanded the emptying of the sector where the Trnava boiler was.

“Slovan’s request was understandable, they cannot be surprised. The players could be worried that when the Trnava fans broke into the field once, they could do it a second time, “ continued the second best scorer of the Slovak national team.

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The incident on the Slovak league scene is unparalleled. “I experienced a situation where I asked fans to leave the sector. Otherwise we couldn’t finish the match. At that time, however, they were not on the field, “said Vittek. He expects contumacy to the detriment of Trnava, whose organizing service failed to organize the meeting.

People will not go to stadiums this way

Among other things, the former shooter is saddened by the frustrated expectations of the public. “The match was well run by the media during the week. It was known that there would be a derby on Sunday. There was a national team break, the coaches prepared the teams for the match for more than a week. And then, after 12 minutes, it completely changed people’s primitivism. The whole thing went wrong with a few primitives.

Until then, the game was playing at an excellent pace, the boys went to the stop. It’s sadder than it ended. We will solve this (non) match for a long time to come and I am afraid that no good football duel will last long. ”

Vittek also reflected on the long-term impact of the incident on Slovak league football: “People who like football paid for it the most and wanted to enjoy a good league match right in the stadium or in front of the TV. Clubs and players will also pay for it. They do football for the fans and when things like that happen, they won’t go to stadiums. This disgusting experience will once again discourage many people. “

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