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ISS: a new accident deviates the international space station – Hitek.fr


Oct 17, 2021

Travel in thespace is a dream for many of us. See it Earth since the Moon, attend 16 sunset Sun per day sinceISS must be something really formidable. But this dream, accessible only to a handful of elected officials, failed turn into a nightmare for all current inhabitants of the International Space Station. Explanations.

ISS: an accident of a Russian thruster

We talk a lot about space travel since the start of 2021. Already, because of the space tourism race of three billionaires Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, Amazon creator of which we have devoted an article on his space flight here. But usually space is so far reserved for scientists and astronauts, astronauts, cosmonauts, taikonauts of all countries. The biggest joint project so far, the ISS, brings together the ambitions of each of the member countries in a secure place. Finally, not so much since the beginning of July, when the station has already experienced two major accidents.

Indeed, last July, the most terrible accident at the station had occurred. A dysfunction had rotated the station on itself approximately 540 degrees, gradually off-center it from the earth’s axis with respect to its normal orientation. The blackout this weekend is similar to the one in July, except that it is of lesser importance. Russian Zoyuz MS-18 spacecraft, docked at the ISS Nauka module, caused a deviation of course similar station, but lighter with only 57 degrees of difference. The technicians had attempted an ignition of the thrusters, which was only to be a test before departure, but the engines remained active much longer than expected. To reassure the public, NASA said:

The thruster firing continued unexpectedly after the end of the test window, causing the International Space Station to lose attitude control at 5:13 a.m.

Soon a movie shot in space?

Fortunately, the problem was solved within about 30 minutes. Officials do not know what could have caused such a problem. The ignition was abnormally long, and the thrusters suddenly shut off. For NASA astronaut Timothy Creamer the preferred lead is that the thrusters had consumed all of the fuel. Fortunately for those who remained on board, the Soyuz capsule is expected to return to Earth this weekend. Because on board is not only cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy, having spent 6 months in space, but also a team of civilians who were there for the shooting of a movie

Because many will return to Earth this weekend. The Russian cosmonaut will be accompanied on the return journey froma film crew from the same country, with director Klim Shipenko and actress Yulia Peresild. These have just passed almost two weeks aboard the International Space Station to shoot the very first film in space, named Challenge. A Russian film that has stuck to the pole his American counterpart with Tom Cruise, whose project was unfortunately delayed. We tell you more about it in an article to read or reread here.

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