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In Béziers, Eric Zemmour proposes to “remove power” from “counter-powers” – archyworldys


Oct 17, 2021

The ritual is well established. In Béziers (Hérault), Eric Zemmour makes his audience languish. Even Robert Ménard, the mayor of the city, who welcomes him Saturday, October 16, paces in exasperation. The electro notes of the track “Platscher”, by Paul Kalkbrenner, echo through the loudspeakers: he finally arrives, splitting a guard of honor of several dozen Generation Z volunteers, his “helpers” identifiable by their t-shirt ” Zemmour 2022 ”, their blue badge and their youthful tassel. He greets the crowd – 1,200 participants – with his arms in a “V” shape, then unfolds his speech, a show of strength when he answers questions from the room, part of the game when he takes those from the press. Before signing his book, under the watchful eye of six security guards.

The mechanics of these oiled meetings, after a month of touring, Eric Zemmour bites more into politics. After a publicized meeting at the town hall of Béziers, Robert Ménard called his “Friend Eric” not to insult the future in order to preserve the option of a hypothetical alliance with Marine Le Pen. Cantor of the union of the rights, the mayor of Béziers admits to having made ” bullshit ” by underestimating the polemicist in favor of the candidate of the National Rally. He calls “The one who will be behind the other in February” to withdraw. Who, on the far right, will play Emmanuel Macron’s François Bayrou?

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Eric Zemmour chuckles and dodges. “To say that Marine Le Pen cannot win is to tell people the truth”, he sweeps to better expose his vision of the presidential role. “This is not an election to be the prime minister. It is the will for General De Gaulle that the president stands at a certain level and that he embraces the fate of the country, he sketched. I am not running for prime minister. “ Him, brushes a project in reaction to the achievements of May-68, in the name of “A whole order to restore” in French society.

“When you have power, you have to impose it”

The day before, at a meeting in Nîmes, he approached education as the instrument of a “War of civilization”. This time, he spins the theme of the school to say that the order takes root there, in the link between the teacher and the pupil, which he exalts by glorifying the Elders, these “Giants” in the language of the medieval philosopher Bernard de Chartres, which he paraphrases. For “To re-legitimize authority and discipline”, the State of Zemmour would invite itself into homes, as in the choice of first names, by removing allowances to parents who “Do not sanction their child” disruptive. “We have to reverse this”, does it encompass against progressivism translated into “Anti-racist, LGBT and Islamogauchist ideology” who would have “Drowning” education, university and culture.

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