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British MP killed, murder planned 7 days earlier


Oct 17, 2021

Ali Harbi Ali, the 25-year-old of Somali origin arrested for the murder of British MP David Amess, allegedly planned the assassination more than a week in advance. This was revealed today by the Mail on Sunday, citing British security sources, according to which the young man had booked an appointment during the meeting of the Conservative deputy with his constituents. Ali, who is a British citizen, may have previously lived in the constituency of Amess in Essex, although his most recent residence is believed to be in London. In addition to the family home in Croydon, where he grew up, police conducted searches at two other London addresses linked to him. Read also The 25-year-old has meanwhile been transferred to London where he is being held under the Terrorism Act. According to reports from the BBC, Ali had participated a few years ago in the ‘Prevent’ program, aimed at averting radicalization, but had never been formally placed under the attention of the internal intelligence services, MI5. At the moment, investigators, who are following the trail of Islamic extremism, believe that there are no other people involved in the attack that took place while the Conservative deputy was holding one of his periodic meetings with voters in a Methodist church. Apparently, Ali had not participated in the program for long, which is voluntary and not sanctioned as a punitive measure. Harbi Ali Kuallane, the suspect’s father, said he was “traumatized” by the news of his son’s arrest. The former adviser to the Prime Minister of Somalia, confirmed that he was interrogated by the Scotland Yard anti-terrorist who conducted a search of the family home in Croydon, a wealthy neighborhood in South London where houses cost an average of 2 million. of pounds. According to neighbors, Ali Harbi Ali’s father lives between London and Nairobi. While the young man “grew up in this house, he went to school in this area and moved when he was 16-17,” reports the Daily Mail. According to sources cited by the tabloid, the young man in the past would have worked for the Public Health Service.

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