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Presidential 2022: in Reims, the militants of rebellious France in search of a new breath – LCI


Oct 17, 2021

REPORT – What is the best way to (re) give an electoral boost six months from the deadline? The question arises for all political parties, especially on the left, where candidates are struggling to exceed 10% in the polls. A subject of reflection for the Insoumis in particular, gathered this weekend, in Reims (Marne).

This weekend, the Reims exhibition center turned into a big “bootcamp” for rebellious activists in search of a new lease of life for the presidential campaign. Eight thematic and above all very practical workshops were held in the aisles. How to organize a door to door? How to help find sponsorship of local elected officials? How to collect donations? Argue, defend the program? Broad topic.

“We have to stop believing that we have to be experts to go door to door”, begins the counselor of Paris, Danièle Simonnet, somewhat prowled in the exercise. “You have to start from a meeting. You have to introduce yourself, ask people how they are”, explains the Paris advisor to the thousand activists present, setting them the ambitious goal of a million doors knocked during the campaign. Some take notes, others consult their activist kit with the relatively explicit title, “Objective 2022”. Fourteen practical and argumentation sheets which detail the measures of the program and provide them with what to respond to the detractors they meet in the field.

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The 2022 presidential election

“Popular caravans”

“Do we have to bring something back?” asks Mathias, a brand new rebellious 26-year-old activist. “No, everything is provided in the van to set up a stand and check whether people are registered on the electoral roll. And we take the opportunity to discuss”, answers the moderator of the workshop of “Popular Caravans”, these small white vans which have already traveled the roads of France this summer to seek the privileged electoral targets of the rebels for 2022: the abstainers and the young people.

These vehicles will be back on the road for the All Saints’ Day holidays and Mathias intends to be there this time. “We must already succeed in instilling a collective dynamic within the movement and then propagate it in the population. We will do micro actions every week with my local group. The objective for the left of the left, the true left, c ‘is to put the social question back at the center of the debate and avoid a conception ‘zemmourise’ politics”, enthuses the young Parisian.

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Re-mobilize the troops

And this is the whole objective of this “Popular Union Convention”: reassure its people, (re) mobilize them to campaign, when, six months before the first round of the presidential election, the left is struggling to impose its themes in the public debate and to exceed 10% of voting intentions. The entourage of candidate Mélenchon is still reassuring, affirming that the campaign will now enter a new phase, that of large-scale citizen mobilization.

“We are ready, we have a candidate, we have a program, tools and 2,330 local groups all over the field, we are entering the home stretch of the campaign”, assures Manuel Bompard, MEP and campaign director. Jean-Luc Mélenchon will deliver a speech Sunday morning to close this militant weekend. His entourage promises “an indictment against Macron”, designated as the main opponent of the triple presidential candidate.

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