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Alternate Stoch scored the only goal of Liberec: Schranzova Slavia enjoyed the victory – Športky.sk


Oct 17, 2021
Miroslav Stoch in FC Slovan Liberec jersey Source: profimedia.sk

PRAGUE – Slovak football midfielder Miroslav Stoch scored for Slovan Liberec in Saturday’s match of the 13th round of the Czech highest competition, but his team lost on the field of the championship Slavia Prague 1: 3. Stoch came on, 73 minutes into the match and the home team took a 1 – 2 lead after breaking through on the left. Liberec ranks 13th, Slavia is second by two points behind Pilsen.

Baník Ostrava lost to Slovácko 1: 2 at home. He thus scored his first loss in the competition after five duels. Slovácko, on the other hand, succeeded for the fourth time in a series.

Czech League – Round 11:

Slavia Prague – Slovan Liberec 3: 1 (1: 0)

Goals: 43. Bah, 67. Kuchta, 81. Olayinka – 73. STOCH
/ J. Hromada played in the 64th minute, I. Schranz played in the 74th minute and in the 58th minute he saw ŽK – K. Mészároš played in the 56th minute, M. Koscelník played in the 84th minute, Ľ. Tupta came on to the lawn in the 56th minute, M. Stoch will start in the 68th minute, M. Faško in the 84th minute /

FK Jablonec – Dynamo Budejovice 2: 2 (1: 2)

Goals: 15. and 78. Doležal – 20. Mršič, 23. Mihálik
/ J. Považanec played the whole duel – M. Králik played the whole match and in the 38th minute he saw ŽK, D. Šípoš sat on the bench

FK Mlada Boleslav – Bohemians Praha 4: 1 (0: 0)

Goals: 65. Ewerton, 79. Jurásek, 89. Fila, 90. + 4. Skalák – 61. Rifle
/WITH. Dancák started at 30 min – P. Le Giang was sitting on a bench /

Banik Ostrava – 1. FC Slovacko 1: 2 (1: 1)

Goals: 32. Tetour – 5. Jurečka, 75. Sadílek
/IN. Budinský sat on the bench – M. Tomič played the whole duel, P. Šimko started in the 71st minute, M. Tomič played the whole match /

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