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Closure of the Allonnes mosque: officials denounce “false and irresponsible accusations – Franceinfo


Oct 14, 2021

The prefect of Sarthe decided on Wednesday October 13 to initiate an administrative closure procedure for this mosque due to radicalization.

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While the prefect of Sarthe announced Wednesday, October 13 that an administrative closure procedure targeted the mosque of Allonnes (Sarthe) due to radicalization, the officials of the two associations that manage the place of worship broke the silence on Thursday to protest against this measure, according to information from France Bleu Maine. This mosque is, according to the prefecture and the government spokesperson, suspected of legitimizing armed jihad, martyrdom and terrorism during sermons and in its Koranic schools.

In a statement posted on social networks, officials denounce “false and irresponsible accusations” worn as part of a “posting policy”. They assure that the two associations “have always worked for the good and preached Islam in the middle ground”. Officials also regret that the faithful of the mosque “find themselves harmed and stigmatized”.

The associations have already announced that they will challenge this measure with the State services. A final decision must still be rendered Wednesday, October 20, at the end of an adversarial procedure, as specified by Gabriel Attal, spokesman for the government.