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Gérald Darmanin will file a complaint against Philippe Poutou, who claimed that “the police kill” – Franceinfo


Oct 14, 2021

The NPA presidential candidate said on Wednesday on Franceinfo that “in working-class neighborhoods, around fifteen young people are killed by the police annually”.

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The Interior Minister announced Thursday, October 14, that he was going to file a complaint against presidential candidate Philippe Poutou (NPA). The latter had said the day before, on the set of franceinfo, that“obviously the police kill“.” The words of [Philippe] Poutou towards the police are insulting and unworthy of an elected representative of the Republic. In the name of the ministry, and to defend the honor of all the police officers, I file a complaint “, said Gérald Darmanin on his Twitter account. The complaint will be filed for “public insult”, said his entourage to AFP.

On Wednesday, the far-left presidential candidate spoke on franceinfo of several cases in which the police were implicated. “Steve [Maia Caniço] in Nantes, in Marseille during a demonstration of the ‘yellow vests’ a lady who closed her shutters, Remi Fraisse a few years ago … We should see the figures precisely but in working-class neighborhoods, around fifteen young people are killed by the police every year, advanced Philippe Poutou. The police have killed and they are killing. Afterwards, we can discuss: assassination, murder, accident or blunder, or self-defense of course. “

Bordeaux city councilor hit the nail on the head Thursday evening during an intervention on BFM TV. “There is a political will from the government to hit the demonstrators, to hit the young people in the neighborhoods, because there is a political will to deflect the problem” and avoid talking “unemployment and misery”, he assured. He added that “the problem of government and the problem of [Gérald] Darmanin is that he gives the green light to the police to strike as they want “.