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VIDEO Lost Julka (8) spent three days in a dense forest: She talked about great fear! She experienced all this – Topky.sk


Oct 14, 2021

VIDEO Details of finding the missing Julka: When they noticed her in the forest, they couldn’t believe their eyes! Words about a miracle

The girl from Berlin disappeared late Sunday afternoon during a family trip on the German-Czech border. During the game, Julia, her six-year-old brother and nine-year-old cousin disappeared from their parents. Rescuers first found both boys, and on Tuesday afternoon, forester Martin Semecký also discovered Julia near Česká Kubica. She was taken to the hospital and spent the night on a heated bed as she was hypothermic. Fortunately, she had no other health complications. She was doing so well that the doctors decided to release her from the hospital accompanied by her family on Wednesday afternoon.

Sleeping in the grass

According to police directorate During the interrogation, Julia said of the Upper Palatinate in Regensburg that she was still on the move and walked a few kilometers in two days. At night, she slept in a meadow in the tall grass and saw animals such as deer, foxes and wild boars. Because she was afraid in the woods at night, she didn’t draw attention to herself. She didn’t eat or drink all the time.

Source: TASR / Daniel Vogl / dpa via AP

“Immediately after being found, the girl was taken to a German hospital and met with her parents,” said police spokesman Florian Beck, adding that it was a very emotional look and added that except for hypothermia and small scratches on her leg, the girl survived this unwanted adventure without harm to her health.

VIDEO Lost Julka (8)

Source: Police of the Czech Republic

Through the police, little Julie’s family left out that they were very happy and thanked all the helpers. However, the family now needs time for themselves and therefore begs the public to respect their privacy.

Finding a girl was like a miracle

According to the DPA agency, up to 1,400 searchers took part in the search. They found the child two to three kilometers from the Čerchov hill in the direction of Česká Kubica near Česká studnička. “The forester found her by the well. She was fine, she was just complaining that she was hungry and thirsty. We were all amazed.” said the mayor of the nearby village Václav Bernard.

They searched for the lost Julia

Source: Police of the Czech Republic

“There are insanely dense forests in the area. We also fell forever on our mouths over rocks and trees. It’s an inaccessible wilderness – thickets, rocks, fallen trees and dry trunks that we caught and immediately fell for. Nothing pleasant.” Bernard explained. According to him, the girl will probably need psychological help after almost three days spent in the woods. “The family was from Berlin and was in the area for the first time,” he added.