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Our people OĽANO: Today the land fund fell, the next one is the Antimonopoly Office – Denník N


Oct 14, 2021
  • The Slovak Land Fund is to be managed by Ján Marosz from OĽaNO, although he did not participate in the tender.
  • Another victim of the party coalition’s party clientelism may be the Antimonopoly Office. The government has approved that its new boss will be decided by its commission behind closed doors without independent experts.
  • OĽaNO politicians have previously manipulated the selection of the head of the Agricultural Paying Agency.

Since the formation of the governing coalition, OĽaNO politicians have pretended to want to hire independent experts in state-owned enterprises instead of incompetent political nominees. Naturally, this was also expected of them, as Igor Matovič’s party rallied to power on an anti-corruption wave.

Some of the selection procedures of OĽaNO ministers looked serious when, for example, they selected the heads of the Council for Budget Responsibility and the state-owned company SEPS. Others were obviously just theater.

But on Thursday, October 14, the level of selection of state managers fell even deeper.

First the selection procedure, then the OĽaNO person

The government unexpectedly appointed Ján Marosz to the management of the Slovak Land Fund (SPF), who had not previously participated in the selection procedure to fill this position and has no experience with land administration.

The former OĽaNO deputy was nominated by the Minister of Agriculture Samuel Vlčan, who is also the nominee of OĽaNO.

Vlčan had previously organized two rounds of competitions, but both ended in failure.

The SPF has a huge economic impact. It decides on sales and exchanges of state land, on which one can get rich quickly, and also leases land to farmers.

Almost all previous governments have become involved in corruption cases in managing the land fund. Two previous fund leaders from the CIS era are accused of corruption.

How they chose Marosza

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