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Marc Machin sentenced to sixteen years in prison for rape under the threat of a weapon – archyde


Oct 14, 2021

In the box, white sweatshirt, imposing build, Marc Machin seemed to blame the sentence, then letting a few tears escape. He, the former victim of a miscarriage of justice, was sentenced, Thursday, October 14, by the Paris Assize Court to sixteen years of criminal imprisonment for the rape of a young woman under the threat of a weapon in 2018 The court attached this sentence to an eight-year safety period and ordered a socio-judicial follow-up measure for five years. Mr. Machin was also ordered to pay 25,000 euros in damages to the victim.

In his motivation, “The court took into account the seriousness of the facts” who “Resulted in extremely significant trauma for the victim”, as well as two previous convictions of Mr. Machin of sexual assault, said court president David Hill.

Marc Machin, 39, appeared since Monday for “Rape committed at the threat of a weapon”, ” flight “ and “Home invasion”. His trial was held behind closed doors at the request of the civil party. She was 22 when Mr. Machin entered her home on April 21, 2018. Hooded, gloved, with a 40-centimeter kitchen knife, the man had imposed a fellatio on her and extorted his bank card number . She thought of dying, several times. Since then, everything has made her tremble. Confused by his DNA, Mr. Machin had ended up acknowledging the facts in police custody.

“It was very trying for my client, but there is always something virtuous in a hearing. Quite simply the fact that everyone can express themselves. While it was very hard for her to tell her story, it also had a liberating side. She was relieved to have been able to face this trial ”, reacted Audrey Dufau, the lawyer for the complainant.

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Neuilly bridge case

Mr. Machin wrongly spent six and a half years in prison for the Pont de Neuilly affair. Incarcerated in 2001, at the age of 19, he was sentenced three years later to eighteen years in prison for the stabbing murder of Marie-Agnès Bedot, a sentence confirmed on appeal. But in March 2008, a 33-year-old homeless man, David Sagno, accused himself of the murder and that of another woman committed at the same location in 2002, which led to the release of Mr. Machin.

In 2012, the latter ended up being acquitted during his review trial, becoming the eighth person in France since the Second World War to be exonerated at the end of such a procedure. Justice then awarded him 663,320 euros in compensation. Since his release from prison in 2008, Mr. Machin has accumulated convictions, a total of fifteen, some of which have resulted in him being reincarcerated.

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