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The murderer Mikuláš Černák refused to meet with Pavel Rusk – Pluska.sk


Oct 14, 2021

Of the four defendants, only Russia was escorted to today’s hearing. The others gave their lawyers consent to the hearing in their absence. Róbert Lališ and Miloš Kaštan have not been participating in the hearings in this matter for a long time. The latest to them according to the portal aktuality.sk Černák also joined. He is said to have a serious reason for this.

Cernak, who confessed to plotting the murder of Klaus-Volz, claims that during the trial his rights are allegedly being violated. It is said that Russia is visibly favored. It bothered him that his ex-wife Viera Ruskova was allowed to look at the notes during his statement. The judge allegedly discriminates against the multiple killer in that if Russia or its defense asks questions to witnesses, they are allowed. But in his case, the court is said to be proceeding stricter.

It is even said that Černák was not allowed to comment on the statement of the convicted member of the underworld, Igor Lavrinčík. In the past, he collaborated with criminal groups of titmouse and blackbirds. “Lavrinčík’s statement unequivocally confirms my statement that the Titmouse and Peter Žaluď Steinhübel, after our arrest (Černák and his right-hand man Ján Kán, editorial note) in mid-December 1997, reversed our agreement to prepare for the murder of Volz and began to protect it.” says Černák.

Five witnesses should testify today. Among them, Alojz Kromka, nicknamed Čistič, was sentenced to life in prison for several murders. Russia is the main defendant in the case of the preparation for the murder of Klaus-Volzova. According to the indictment, he was to order it from Černák, who was to involve a group of brothers in Bratislava. Černák and Kaštan confessed to the crime, Lališ and Russia deny the guilt.

The emaciated Pavol Rusko stood before the senate of the Bratislava II District Court.

Source: Karol Farkaš

In addition, he stated in court that in 1997 he came to Chestnut and Russia and Cernak sat in his office. After Russia left, he should have laughed that he had come to solve a problem. “I never once heard anyone say the name Volz,” said Kromka. He also claims that in 2018 he was influenced by Černák on a walk in the prison to help each other and throw Russia “overboard”. The witness believes that Černák invented the murder and talked about Kaštan’s cooperation.. However, Kromka does not have the best relations with Černák since the most famous killer in Slovakia started singing in the base. During his interrogations, Černák also testified in the acts of which Kromka was accused. The court has also heard former member of the titmouse group Daniel Vaniš. He said that he had the task of protecting Volzová from Lališ. So he didn’t take his eyes off her 24 hours a day. But Vaniš allegedly had no information that Volzová should be murdered.

Witness Ľubomíra Gregorová, the surviving wife of actor Ľubová Gregor, but revealed startling facts! Gregor was supposed to help Rusk start the television. However, according to the witness, their friendship should have disappeared because Russia began to push her husband into bad things. “My husband has told me several times that Russia wants to liquidate Volzova,” Gregorova said in court, saying that her husband also told her about Russia’s association with the mobsters. The witness also became acquainted with Volzová, whose words Russia irritated her legs. She was unhappy about it.

“In a logical context, the witness stored the individual facts that were voiced here. She also answered all the questions very convincingly. So I can basically be satisfied that the witness has confirmed the merits of the indictment. “ Prosecutor Michal Šúrek said about her resignation.

Regarding Thursday’s hearing, he stated that the vast majority were defense witnesses. “As for the previous statements, the mutual relationship of individual persons must be perceived in the same way. They testify against each other in various crimes. It is not up to me to evaluate now, but I will certainly deal with this in a place where it will be significant, in the final speech. “ stressed the prosecutor. He stated that witnesses were currently being questioned, but that to a large extent, documentary evidence that had not yet been taken was also relevant to the prosecution. They adjourned the hearing until 20 January 2022.

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