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Review: Venom 2 – Carnage is coming – REFRESHER


Oct 14, 2021

The first Venom received from us in a review 5.5 / 10. We called it a non-functioning mess without logic, but it can be entertained. How would we evaluate the second? A broken mess without logic that you won’t even laugh at. The sequel is just over an hour and a half.

In essence, the introduction to the unit was removed, where the creators explained to us who Venom is and how he got to our planet. The second starts some time after the unit’s events, does not delay anything and immediately starts the story and action.

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and Venom can’t handle living in an apartment. Venom has to eat people because he needs their brains to survive, but Eddie only gives him chocolate and hens. Eddie is annoyed again that Venom repeatedly destroys his furniture and interferes with his life. The creators must have tried some humorous version of the romantic rift to Venom’s relationship with Eddie, but it didn’t work out at all.

Their whole conflict is fabricated and drawn to their ears. Venom is an extremely intelligent being who refuses to understand that when he eats people, the government will come after them and shut them down? At this point in the review, we begin to criticize the logical nonsense of the film, and we begin to realize that we will have to tame these examples, as otherwise we would have the longest review in the history of Refresher.

Woody Harrelson joins their troubled relationship as serial killer Cletus Kassidy. He bites Eddie, thanks to which another Carnage symbiote wakes up in him (don’t ask us how it works). He is much colder and seems to be stronger than Venom. His only goal is to kill Venom. However, Cletus first frees his teenage love, Shriek, from the institution, which makes a destructive sound. It’s a powerful weapon, but it kills a team of symbiots, so it’s basically useless.

Like Venom’s conflict with Eddie, the whole story is artificial, it doesn’t make much sense, and the characters’ actions lack any motivation. Why does the killer Kletus Cassidy want to make friends with Eddie Brock and how does he know his childhood? Why does Carnage want to kill Venom? Why don’t they have cameras anywhere in the world? No one will answer any of these answers, which form the basis of the film.

Source: Sony Pictures

The character Shriek also came to us quite useless. She doesn’t have a big role in the story, and given how much space her creators devoted to her, she had to do more in the film. It would be enough if it was an ordinary woman and Cletus’ old love without abilities.

If you even say that you are not interested in logic, plot and any depth in the script, because you are simply looking forward to the action and entertainment, you will get slapped number 2. You could still have fun on the unit anyway, we admit it. This time we smiled / laughed for the whole movie about once. The dynamics between Venom and Eddie are far from working as well as the creators had planned.

Their dialogues look like a B-movie comedy, they have no overlap, strikingness and originality. Basically, they just swear and scream at each other, which stops you having fun after the first 5 minutes. If they didn’t want to move their relationship elsewhere, they could draw it in a much shorter section and not go around. The comedic side of the film sometimes seems as if the creators inadvertently took the remarks of the screenwriters SpongeBob and built humor on them.

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Unfortunately, neither did Carnage please us. The legendary comic book character hardly speaks, it has no depth and character. It is an extremely flat addition to the world of Venom, which is characterized by its color. He is red, so he is evil, stronger and more bloodthirsty. That’s all you need to know about him and what he will tell you. It is shocking how the creators did not use it and did absolutely nothing interesting with it. And this also applies in terms of action.

Venom and Carnage meet once for the whole film. We’ve seen most of their fight in the trailer, and the rest is a generic CGI mess, where one peeks at the other and stretches over its extended limbs. The only nice moments come from the scenes when the symbionts run back to the bodies of their hosts, because the sound of the church bell hurts them.

That is the only thing we can praise at the event. Director Andy Serkis did not invent anything new and unseen, nothing that would add wow effect to the film. It is the same type of action compared to the unit. It offers no original moments that could be imagined with Venom’s abilities. The whole thing is without an idea, sterile and, except for a few short scenes, quite boring. Not to mention that Carnage and Venom are basically doing what they want during their fight, so you can hardly enjoy Venom at all.

Source: Sony Pictures

The fact that the film is rated as PG-13 does not help either. So you will find almost no blood in it, it is not swollen in it and the action avoids brutality. Venom and Carnage are characters who tear people’s limbs, pierce bodies, eat them and are really brutal. When you take it from them, they are not intimidating, threatening or dangerous. Venom, for example, looks like a nice pet. If he doesn’t like something, he seems to be in full swing, he breaks your TV and leaves the house like an offended teenager.

Shooting Venom without blood is the same as if Iron Man didn’t use any technology or suits in the whole movie, or if Superman didn’t fly. What would something like that even come up with? Even Disney understood that Deadpool without an erk rating doesn’t make sense, so Marvel Studios will create the first ever erik comic book. Sony deserves all the criticism that comes from every side.

Venom 2 looks very unnecessary. As if Sony was waiting to be able to put Venom and Spider-Man into one movie, but they wanted to take advantage of the hype around the character and quickly earn some money to continue. So they did a double with Carnage, doing nothing significant with him, Venom or Eddie. They did not move anywhere in character and relationship.

The most important and best thing about the whole film is the captive scene. Sony could rather just shoot it, put it on Youtube and save yourself the hassle of a horrible movie, which is simply one big thing in any aspect, be it characters, character development, action, or humor and the like.

Source: Sony Pictures

We can praise Tom Hardy, who really tries to make the audience have fun. This time it may not work out for him, but the effort counts. Michelle Williams is amazing, but she’s got very little space. However, she managed to extract a few decent scenes from the little she had available.

On the other hand, the film would be completely bypassed without the character of Anne and her future husband. Finally, there is Woody Harrelson. We all know that he is a great actor with great charisma, but in the film Venom 2 he got a very badly written character on a plate and it seems that he also resigned himself to trying to do something interesting with her.

How to end it? Venom 2: Carnage is coming is one of the worst blockbusters in recent years. An absolutely useless, tasteless, non-original film that can’t entertain viewers in a humorous way, although we have the impression that this is the only aspect of the sequel that the creators wanted to handle well. We see no reason to go to the cinema for this. Watch the caption scene on Youtube and go for an excellent bond or The Last Duel by Ridley Scott.

Because Hardy and Williams tried, that the suffering was really short, and that the captive scene had an interesting impact on the world of Marvel, we give the other Venom three points out of ten.

PS We can’t help but mention the really horrific scene when Eddie Brock becomes a famous journalist again and within the “flexenia“He looks towards the camera and runs on a motorcycle on an empty road. We haven’t seen such an empty, useless and tasteless scene in a long time.

PS 2 Andy Serkis should put on his motion-capture suit again and create some memorable CGI character. He is not very good at directing.