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Vaccine against Covid-19: a failure on the over 80s? – Franceinfo


Oct 14, 2021



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The health pass has convinced many people to get vaccinated, but not everyone has yet. 560,000 people over 80 years of age in France have not received any dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. To solve this problem, medical staff sometimes resort to home vaccination.

Despite her 92 years, Micheline is not impressed by the Covid-19. With a strong character, she has a strong opinion on vaccination. “At my age, what am I risking? I am at the end of a journey, I am at the end of a journey, what am I risking? Of dying, that’s all ? “she said with an amused look. She is not the only one to have refused vaccination, seven other residents of this nursing home, aged over 80, are concerned.

The director of the nursing home supports this choice. “It’s a free choice, we can’t force them, it’s obvious. We try to convince them with an argument which is to protect themselves and to protect others.”, explains Vincent-Albert Girard, director of the residence, Jean XXII at Hay-les-Roses (Val-de-Marne). The vaccination rate for those over 80 is one of France’s weak points in its fight to protect the most vulnerable people. To date, 86% of those over 80 have received a first dose.