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They couldn’t save anything. Matovic defends budget and criticizes past governments – SME.sk


Oct 14, 2021

According to Matovič, the past has been stolen in Slovakia for years.

Oct 14, 2021 at 6:03 PM (updated Oct 14, 2021 at 6:37 PM) SITA

BRATISLAVA. According to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the currently approved public finance budget is Igor Matovič responsible and focused on reducing the public finance deficit.

“We promised people that we would be budget responsible. That is, he will be after us for pensions, social benefits and the like, “he said on Thursday after the government meeting. According to Matovič, there have been governments in Slovakia for 30 years that have not been able to save anything. “In Slovakia, it was stolen as if after heaven,” Matovič said.

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Prime Minister Eduard Heger thanked the members of the government for a consensual approach to the public finance budget.

“It’s a reference to all those languages ​​that try to give the impression that things aren’t working,” Heger said. According to him, it is not easy to approve the budget in these times, ie during a pandemic and turbulence, when it is not certain how the world economy will develop.

According to Heger, the Minister of Finance Igor Matovič cares about the sustainability of public finances. “Igor Matovič is really precise in this and cares for the good of the citizens,” said Heger.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Marcel Klimek, called the approved budget responsible because it spends taxpayers’ money efficiently. “Reducing the deficit by half is a historic step,” Klimek said.

He also considers the budget to be pro-growth. In terms of investment, Slovakia has a chance to experience a historic investment boom. Next year, we will have almost 6 billion at our disposal. euros for investments from the recovery plan. “This is half the average of recent years. This is exactly what we need for Slovakia to kick in the years to come, “said Klimek.

Matovič reiterated that the final form of the public administration budget for next year will be conditioned by the approval of constitutional laws. It calls on the coalition to approve pension reform, spending ceilings and the debt brake before approving the budget. If this happens, the budget will present a deficit of 4.94% of GDP next year.

If this does not happen and these reforms do not pass, it will present a budget with a deficit of 4.3% of GDP, which will mean less resources for next year. Matovic thinks page SaS he will veto the debt brake, but he wants to believe that it will not.

“It’s in the hands of the SaS party,” said the head of the finance department. He does not anticipate that opposition or non-attached deputies will support them in constitutional laws.

Slovakia’s public finance deficit is expected to reach 4.94% of gross domestic product next year. The total revenues of the public administration budget should be at the level of 44.174 billion EUR and expenditures 49.387 billion eur. The state budget itself counts on revenues in the amount of 19.97 billion EUR and expenditures in the amount of 25.45 bln. eur.