• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

AMD and Windows 11, patches in a few days for CPPC and L3 problems – Cowcotland


Oct 14, 2021
If you have a configuration in AMD for the processor and you feel that your system is slightly less responsive since installing Windows 11 (we won’t say you have to know how to wait), here’s some good news: AMD should release two new patches in the coming days.

And promised, these should definitively solve the problems while the last patch has, according to our colleague, increased the latency on the L3 cache even more. Ryzen 7 2700X : up to 31.9 ns against 10 ns in theory. An important difference, which can have some repercussions depending on the tasks requested by the system.


The first patch, which concerns the L3 cache, will be deployed via Windows Update Next Tuesday, on the 19th, while the patch for the UEFI-CPPC2 management problem, which allows a particular core to be favored on frequencies and voltages, will be available two days later, on Thursday, October 21st.

Note that this second patch is already ready since large customers can obtain it by contacting directly AMD.