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Zurian worries about his own life: Going abroad! Behind the wiper you found an extremely scary link – Topky.sk


Oct 14, 2021

“Milan is waiting for you. He is looking forward to you. “ Such a link was to be found by NAKA Zurian, the boss, behind the wiper of his car, which he had parked in front of the house. Fearing for his life and the lives of his loved ones, he therefore decided to file a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor General’s Office. It informs about it PLUS 7 DAYS.

Source: Facebook

He assumes that Milan meant the former president of the police force, who was accused of corruption and committed suicide in his cell on December 29 last year.

However, Zurian also noticed other interesting things – for example, that he was being watched by an unknown person. When he put everything together, he felt that his life was at stake. In the criminal complaint, he therefore wrote to the General Prosecutor’s Office that he had been outside the territory of the Slovak Republic for several weeks.

Zurian is worried about

Source: SITA / Slovak Police

But that’s not all. According to the portal, Zurian’s son should have found a letter tucked in the doorway, probably from one of his former NAKA colleagues. In it, he mentions another colleague – Branislav Dunček, who is supposed to have a heavy heart on Zurian.I no longer want to look at what is happening here… I want you to know that not everyone on the team is identified with what is being intentionally created around you. Quite a few have written information about you that you are corrupt and that you work for politicians, oligarchs, and that with the money they give you, you pay Santus to go against us. Let’s face it – Braňo Dunčko hates you, he keeps shouting that he won’t forgive you, as you humiliated him before us because of those records. It was Brano Duncko who wrote a lot of records about you and laughed that he would go to take you down, “ it is written in the letter.

Zurian is worried about

Source: Facebook / Slovak Police

Dunčko is the operator of the anti-criminal unit at NAKA. According to the portal, he is known mainly for the SMS message he sent via the mobile application, in which he wrote: “Beňa confessed, Gašparovič shook, who … this one even bigger. Everyone will go inside, I have such a feeling. A few more months and we will subvert the state. ”

It can be assumed from the letter that not all of Zurian’s former colleagues are identified with his accusations, which have since been dropped. He was charged with the crime of abusing the powers of a public official and disclosing a confidential fact based on the statement of the penitent Boris Beňa.

And what about Zurian himself?

“I went abroad because I feel that the war in the police is not over. I’m worried about my life and my loved ones, “ he told the portal, stating that he was staying in a Russian-speaking country. For reasons of his own safety, he did not disclose further information. The reason? It is said to be of interest to those who follow it. “I am an uncomfortable witness for them, they want to silence me. It is not about truth and justice, but about revenge, that I acted according to the law. I don’t know how long I will be out of Slovakia. So far, I am happy here, even though I am very sad to see my children and family. I have a job here, I try not to think about how the legal system in Slovakia is falling apart. When I see that Slovakia is a safe country for me, I will return home, “ concluded.