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Oct 14, 2021


Ian Brossat explains himself after his controversial reply to Rachida Dati

POLICY – “What we demand of our children, respect, we must do to ourselves.” Ian Brossat persist and sign. The deputy PCF at the mayor of Paris is singled out by several politicians for having sharply asked Rachida Dati to be silent while he was answering a question from an elected socialist, Wednesday, October 13, to the council of Paris.

“Madame Dati, it’s me speaking. And in this case, even when I was a teacher at Sarcelles, the students were silent, so you are going to do the same ”, he launched at first to the former Minister of Justice, before returning to the charge in the face of his protests, as you can see it here (from 5:51 am): “I maintain, everyone knows from the age of eight that when we speak, we do not interrupt. I am not interrupting you, you are not interrupting me, whatever the place, the place. ”

And to add again: “you are not here to tell your life story, I am here to talk about housing.” A sequence of more than 3 minutes and 30 minutes of total hubbub, summed up in a few seconds on social networks, and denounced by many political figures, from the right, as from the left, the turn against a background of accusation of “class contempt.” Even the Minister in charge of Citizenship, Marlene Schiappa, split open with a tweet and an angry red emoji.

A “rancid” outing for Schiappa

“When you are a woman in politics and you did not grow up in silk, even when you were Minister, Mayor, important figure in your party, there is always a guy to bring us back to a condition ‘of ‘pupil of Sarcelles’ ”, she wrote on social networks, describing Ian Brossat’s reply as“ rancid. ”

On the right, few are those who have not expressed their “anger” or their “disgust” at “unworthy” remarks. “Class contempt, ad hominem attack … this is the worst on the left. The one who gives lessons but who belittles, who insults, who humiliates “, for example wrote Christian Jacob, Wednesday evening, in unison with his colleagues in” support “to Rachida Dati.

The main interested party had already denounced the words “shameful vis-à-vis children, teachers who work in Sarcelles”, in session. “We are all upset here by the words that have just been made,” she said, thanking “assistants” who sent her messages of solidarity.

On the left too, Ian Brossat’s statement arouses some tension. “I find this remark very specious. Between the dismissal of an elected student and the reference to the neighborhood … I don’t know, ”tweeted Sandrine Rousseau, when the green MEP David Cormand said he was“ dubious ”, still on the social networks, regretting to see his colleague on the left reduce “the students of Sarcelles -and towns and working-class neighborhoods in general” to their “conduct.”

“It’s grotesque”, reacts Ian Brossat

Contacted by The HuffPost, the Housing Assistant returns to this particularly stormy meeting at the Paris Council … and the controversy that arises from it. If he explains that he was “exasperated” by the situation, he does not regret much of his reply. “This does not necessarily mean on the video of the session, because the sound and the camera are focused on the speaker, but Rachida Dati, as she is used to, systematically covers the voice of the elected representative who m ‘asks about home insurance that the city of Paris is going to put in place ”, he explains.

“I am not sitting very far from her and I cannot hear the question put to me. I answer and Rachida Dati also covers my voice by shouting ‘robbery’ ”, says the elected Communist. At that time, “exasperated, it must be said, by the fact that I cannot go on for three months, I recall that I taught for several years, and that in the context of a class, people are calmer, I confirm that. ” And Ian Brossat hammered: “Everyone knows that when we are in a discussion, even with the family, we wait to have the floor. When we don’t have it, we keep quiet. ”

As for the accusations of class contempt, they are “grotesque” in his words. “It turns out that I was a teacher at Sarcelles, only I had a permanent position. If I had been a teacher in the 7th grade, that’s what I would have quoted ”, he tells us, specifying:“ I have always had good relations with Rachida Dati, I respect her and I esteem her. . ” What the principal interested also repeated the day before in the council. We can bet that all this will be more obvious in the future.

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