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William Shatner: Star Trek’s Captain Kirk has gone to space! – AlloCine


Oct 14, 2021

That’s it, Canadian actor William Shatner has been to space: Captain Kirk himself! A quick look back at the main stages of his space journey and his reaction on returning to Earth.

1. Contacted by Jeff Bezos

Zuma Press / Bestimage

On October 4, the world learned that William Shatner was going to fly into space for a few minutes aboard a Blue Origin rocket, a company owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos. Fan of the Star Trek series in which Shatner was the hero, Bezos also appeared in a film of the saga, Star Trek Without Limits (without William Shatner in the cast), and which is to date the only appearance of the man from affairs in a fictional feature film.

2. The flight itself

Blue Origin

Lasting 11 minutes, its flight was suborbital, i.e. it climbed to an altitude of 100 km, i.e. to the border between atmosphere and space, that it has crossed this limit, but without the device being placed in orbit. The rocket took off on October 13 from a launch pad in Texas. And Shatner wasn’t alone in the cockpit.

3. His crew

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No Spock, Montgomery Scott or Sulu! The Canadian actor was accompanied on his trip by Chris Boshuizen (left), a former NASA engineer and co-founder of Planet Labs, Glen de Vries, Co-Founder of Medidata Solutions, and Audrey Powers, Vice President of Flight Operations and Missions at Blue Origins.

4. His reaction after the flight

Blue Origin

“I hope I never get over this. I hope I can keep what I’m feeling now, I don’t want to lose it. (…) You look down, and you see that everything is blue and black there- high, and it’s just Mother Nature. That’s life and that’s death. In an instant, you know what death is. “


5. The balance sheet, calmly


The above image has been posted on Twitter by Shatner at the same time as his feedback. The yellow triangle is that of Starfleet (the Federation of Star Trek) and the blue feather that of the logo of Blue Origin, the company of Jeff Bezos. Shatner wrote in particular: “I feel like I was a kid playing by the sea (…) while the great ocean of truth lay before me, inviolate”.

Captain Kirk has gone to space!

Blue Origin

After playing Captain James T. Kirk in 79 episodes of the legendary SF series Star Trek (1966-1969), then in 7 feature films (including one he directed), an animated series and video games, William shatner really went to space.